Coaching, Health and Physical Education department

The Coaching, Health and Physical Education department is part of sport and recreation at AUT.

Health, sport and physical activity remain at the heart of New Zealand's wellbeing. The study of health and physical education at AUT focuses on the integration of hauora, health promotion and the socio-ecological aspects that underpin the philosophy of health and physical education in New Zealand schools.

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We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across sport and recreation.

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Resources for physical education teachers and coaches

To help teachers and coaches refine their teaching methods, we’ve created a number of helpful resources that can be downloaded to help you achieve the best learning outcomes.

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Dr Simon Walters
Head of Department
Coaching, Health and Physical Education
Phone: +64 9921 9999 ext 7022

Ameya Kagali
Patria Hume and Hannah Wyatt
Heat chamber
School sport on TV
News pattern
Ameya Kagali
Post-grad realises sports medicine dream
11 Oct, 2021
An AUT degree has enabled Dr Ameya Kagali to realise his dream of working with athletes, serving as chief medical officer to the Indian Paralympics team.
Patria Hume and Hannah Wyatt
AUT experts solve All Blacks red card
13 Sep, 2021
AUT sport scientists pivotal in red card dismissal for All Black.
Heat chamber
Feeling the Tokyo Heat
15 Apr, 2021
Top Kiwi athletes training for the Olympics under AUT’s Professor Andrew Kilding and other sport scientists.
Analysis of Kiwis’ physical activity
10 Feb, 2021
A series of global report cards on physical activity shows New Zealanders increased their level of physical activity by six percent between 2015 and 2019.
School sport on TV
School sport on TV takes a toll
29 Sep, 2020
A deal to televise and live stream more secondary school sports has attracted significant debate.
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