Research in economics

Our academic staff

Our staff are an international group with PhDs from universities across the globe, including the University of Wisconsin, the National University of Singapore, Yale University, AUT, the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Minnesota.

We are proud of our established record and on-going commitment to excellent research, high-quality supervision, and community and professional engagement.  Members of the School sit on editorial boards and serve as referees for professional journals.

They also work as consultants and provide expert advice in both the private and public sectors, both in New Zealand and internationally. This wealth of experience provides an ideal background for the supervision of student research.

Staff research interests

Our research expertise covers a wide range of fields in economics:

  • Micro and macroeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Industrial organisation
  • International trade and finance
  • Natural resource and environmental economics
  • Labour economics
  • Economic development
  • Health economics
  • Public policy

Full list of School of Economics staff

Postgraduate research projects

All Bachelor of Business (Honours) and Master of Business students complete a research project – either a 45-point dissertation or a 90-point thesis. An academic staff member from the School of Economics will supervise your research.

Examples of student research:

  • A critical evaluation of policies and programmes that mitigate the effects of free trade on unemployment
  • Using predictive risk modelling to identify students at risk of poor university outcomes
  • How can the BRICS development bank help the developing world? An empirical examination of international capital flows
  • The impact of trade liberalisation on economic structure and performance: Case of the OECD
  • Culture, participative decision-making and job satisfaction