Research Seminars 2015

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26 February 11.00 am Ole-Kristian Hope University of Toronto Health-Insurer Bargaining Power and Firms’ Incentives to Manage Earnings
5 March 11.30 am Elaine Harris University of Roehampton Theorising Strategic Investment Decision-Making
30 April 11.00 am Nabiha Abdul Khalid

Universiti Sains Malaysia

The Implementation and Institutionalisation of a Performance Management System in a Local Government
12 June 10.00 am Asheq Rahman AUT Twitter Based Investor Recognition of Corporate Announcements
29 June 2.00 pm Rebecca Bolt AUT PhD student Integrated Reporting, Materiality Determination, and Stakeholder Inclusivity
28 July 11.00 am Jayne Godfrey University of Auckland The Trials and Tribulations of Being an Accounting Academic
12 August 3.00 pm John Dumay Macquarie University The Use of Rhetoric to Promote Innovations in Management and Accounting: A Structured Literature Review
18 August 1.00 pm Gordon Boyce La Trobe University Reflexively Imagining Accounting and Society
28 August 12.00 pm Tom Scott University of Auckland Knowledge Spillovers from Auditing Long-term Plans in a Local Government Setting
16 September 11.00 am Charl de Villiers AUT Management Accounting, Strategy, and Climate Change Risk
23 September 11.00 am Susan Wild University of Canterbury The IIRC’s 2013 International Integrated Reporting Framework
1 October 11.00 am  Carolyn Cordery  Victoria University of Wellington Dual Objectives in Financial Reporting?
7 October 3.00 pm Sumit Lodhia University of South Australia Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability Accounting and Reporting: A Study of Australian Local Councils
14 October 12.00 pm Humayun Kabir AUT The Association between Goodwill Accounting under IFRS and Audit Fees
21 October 3.00 pm Paul Wells AUT A Strategy for Improving Student Engagement in Auditing
28 October 3.00 pm Anil Narayan AUT Transforming Public Tertiary Institutions: The Inter-relationship between Accounting and the State
4 November 11.00 am Christina Chiang
AUT A Conceptual Paper on Professional Skepticism and Auditor Independence
11 November 1.00 pm Lisa Nguyen AUT From local to global, is it convergence or a preservation of the past? The case of Vietnam
17 November 11.30 am Carol Tilt University of South Australia Social and Environmental Disclosure Studies: The Importance of Context - Political and Ideological influence on Corporate Environmental Reporting in China
26 November 11.00 am Tien Canh Nguyen AUT PhD student The value relevance of goodwill in Asian economies – The moderating impacts of accounting disclosure and governance