Dr Welby Ings

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Professor - Art & Design Postgraduate

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 # 8621

Email: welby.ings@aut.ac.nz

Postal Address:

School of Art and Design
Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

Current CV downloadable here

ORCID: ORCID logo  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4684-3762


Ph.D., MA GFA [Hons First Class] Kent, B. Graphic Design, Adv. Dip Tch.

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • FRSA [Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK],
  • Member of the Design Institute of New Zealand


  • Narrative structure and design in short film, music video and television advertising
  • Pedagogical approaches to practice-led artistic inquiry
  • Educational reform
  • Queer theory and language
  • Spatio-temporal typography in film poetry and film title design

Award winning short films:

Ings, W. [Writer/director/designer] (2011). Munted. Auckland: MF Films and Creative New Zealand.

The film’s trailer can be viewed below:

The whole film can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oxUSid2U4I

Ings, W. [Writer/director/designer] (2004). Boy. Auckland: Room8 productions and the New Zealand Film Commission.
The film’s trailer can be viewed below:

The whole film can be viewed at: http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/boy-2004
Ings, W. [Writer/director/designer] (2017). Sparrow. Auckland: Robin Murphy Productions/James Wallace Media The film’s teaser can be viewed below:

Ings, W. [Writer/director] (1997). The Coopers. Auckland/London: Man Made Productions.

Recent journal articles:

Ings, W. (2019). Into the light: sexuality, erasure and recollection. Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture. 4(1), pp. 41-57, doi: 101386/qsmpc_00004-1

Ings, W. (2018). Expanding Thought. NiTRO - The Australian Deans of Practice as Research Journal, 13. https://nitro.edu.au/articles/expanding-thought

Ings, W. (2018). Beyond the mark. English in Aotearoa (94), 8-11.

Nesterick, S. & Ings, W. (2018). New Thinking & Emerging Thoughts: Practice As Research In Design, Art And Technology, Journal of Art, Design and Technology [DAT], 3 (2), Portuguese: 1-4;  English: 5-8. https://ppgdesign.anhembi.br/datjournal/index.php/dat

Tavares, T. & Ings, W. (2018). Navigating artistic inquiry in a creative-production thesis: the narrative and illustrative potentials of realismo maravilhoso. Journal of Art, Design and Technology [DAT], 3 (2), 9-42. https://ppgdesign.anhembi.br/datjournal/index.php/dat/article/view/85/73

Steagall, M. & Ings, W. (2018). Practice-led doctoral research and the nature of immersive methods.

Journal of Art, Design and Technology [DAT], 3 (2), 392-423. https://ppgdesign.anhembi.br/datjournal/index.php/dat/article/view/98/86

Ings, W. (2016). Supervising visual arts students with mental health issues: Actualising a duty of care. The International Journal of Arts Education, 11(4), 9-20.

Ings, W. (2016). Telling tales: pedagogical challenges to the supervision of illustrated story design theses. Journal of Illustration 3(1) Intellect, pp. 129–151, doi: 10.1386/jill.3.1.129_1

Ings, W. (2016). The visible voice: Typographical distinction in thesis writing. Text, 20(1). http://textjournal.com.au/april16/ings.htm

Ings, W. (2015). The Authored Voice: Emerging approaches to exegesis design in creative practice PhDs. Educational Philosophy & Theory, 47(12) 1277-1290. doi: 10.1080/00131857.2014.974017

Ings, W. (2015). Malleable Thought: The Role of Craft Thinking in Practice-Led Graphic Design. International Journal of Art & Design Education, 34(2), 180-191. doi:10.1111/jade.12013

Ings, W. (2015). Acolytes and prodigals: Responsibilities facing queer students in creative, postgraduate research. Higher Education Research and Development, 34(4), 735–749 doi: 10.1080/07294360.2015.1051003

Ings, W. (2015). When we go to war: Multimodality and film title design. Multimodal Communication, 4(2), 167-179. doi:10.1515/mc-2015-0012

Ings, W. (2014). Narcissus and the muse: supervisory implications of autobiographical, practice-led PhD design theses. Qualitative Research, 14(6) 675–693. doi: 10.1177/1468794113488128

Ings, W. (2014). Embodied Drawing. A case study in narrative design. ARTIFACT 3(2) pp. 2.1-2.10 doi: 10.14434/artifact.v3i2.3983

Ings, W. (2013). Uncommon territory: Declaration, and the supervision of queer design theses. Teaching in Higher Education, 19(2) 194-207. doi: 10.1080/13562517.2013.836101

Ings, W. (2012). Trade Talk: the historical metamorphosis of the language of the New Zealand male prostitute between 1900–1981. Women's History Review, 21(5), 773-791. doi:10.1080/09612025.2012.658183

Ings, W. (2012). Drawing into being: Ideation as multimodal thinking. Multimodal Communication, 1(3), 211-231. doi: 10.1515/mc-2012-0013

Ings, W. (2011). Managing heuristics as a method of inquiry in autobiographical graphic design theses. International Journal of Art & Design Education, 30(2), 226-241. doi: 10.1111/j.1476-8070.2011.01699.x

Ings, W. (2011). The compromised voice: A consideration of typography as a linguistic expression of gay identity in the silent film boy. International Journal of Linguistics. 30.1. doi:10.5296/ijl.v3i1.776


Recent book chapters:

Ings, W. (2019). Invisible Stories: Loss, Recovery and the Rhetoric of War. In T. Hayes,  T. Edlmann & L. Brown (Eds.). Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative (pp. 121-133). Bosron: Leiden, Brill Publishers.

Ings, W. (2019). Undisciplined thinking: Disobedience and the nature of design. In T. Pernecky, Post disciplinary Knowledge. Routledge pp. 48-65.

Ings, W. (2018). Heuristic inquiry, land and the artistic researcher. In M. Sierra & K. Wise (Eds.), Transformative pedagogies and the environment: Creative agency through contemporary art and design (pp. 55-80). Champaign, IL: Common Ground Research Networks.

Ings, W. (2016). The creative guerrilla: Makers, organisation and belonging. In Pernecky, T. (Ed.), Approaches and Methods in Event Studies (pp. 53-66). New York: Routledge.

Ings, W. (2015). The lexicon of the male sex worker: A case study of New Zealand’s metaphorical clustering. In P. Hanks & G. de Schryver (Eds.), International Handbook of Modern Lexis and Lexicography (pp. 1-14). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer.

Ings, W. (2014). The imaging mind: Story development in the realm of pictures. In L. Möller, M. Ahumada & L. Brown (Eds.), Perspectives on storytelling: Framing global and personal identities (pp.195-206). Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press.

Ings, W. (2014). The Studio model: developing community writing in creative, practice-led PhD design theses. In C. Aitchison & C. Guerin (Eds.), Writing groups for doctoral education and beyond: Innovations in theory and practice (pp. 190-203). Abingdon: Routledge.

Ings, W. (2013). Queer as a two-bob watch: The implications of cultural framing and self-declaration. In A.C. Engels-Schwarzpaul & M. Peters (Eds.), Of other thoughts: Nontraditional ways to the doctorate: A guidebook for candidates and supervisors (pp. 131-145). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Ings, W. (2011). An assortment of small anomalies: measurement and evaluation in tertiary teaching. In Hay, I. (ed.) Learning with the World’s Great University Teachers, Open University Press, London. pp. 89-95 ISBN: 9780335237425


Ings, W. (2017). Disobedient Teaching: Survival and change in a New Zealand Education. Otago University Press. ISBN 978-1-927322-66-6.

Ings, W. (2010). Drawings from a Fictional Man. Auckland. ISBN: 978-1-877314-93-5.

Ings, W. (2004). Talking pictures: The creative utilisation of structural and aesthetic profiles from narrative music videos and television commercials in non-spoken film texts. Ph.D. thesis: Auckland: AUT University.

Recent exhibitions & designs:

Ings, W. & Charles, R. (2015) Titles sequences for TVNZ Drama, When We Go to War. [The title sequence can be viewed below]:

Ings, W. (2014). Embodied Drawing: The poetics of Fictional Memory [8.2MB 3GPP animated film]. The Fifth Art of Research Conference [AOR14]: Aalto University Helsinki: Finland, Nov. 26th-27th Marilyn Gallery.

Ings, W. (2013). ENSTASY. 30 Animated botanical drawings. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts June 9-12th, The (KADK) Philip de Langes Allé 10, DK-1435 København. Curators: Brandt E, Ehn P, Degn Johansson T, Hellestrom-Reimer M, Markussen T, Vallgårda A.


Welby Ings' sketches

Preparatory sketches for the short film SPARROW.


Liam. Oil on wood. Finalist (2010) New Zealand Portraiture Awards.

Liam. Oil on wood. Finalist (2010) New Zealand Portraiture Awards.

Mesomorphic Jesus. (1997). Oil on wood.

Mesomorphic Jesus. (1997). Oil on wood.

Murray Ings. (2018). Oil on aluminium.

Murray Ings. (2018). Oil on aluminium.

Selected keynote addresses:

Ings, W. (2019). Diverse minds: Working as a responsive leader.Asia Pacific Security Innovation Summit, 3.20-3.40pm, 18 April, Mokoia Room, Millennium Hotel Conference centre, Rotorua.

Ings, W. (2019). The real gods of learning: What necessities lie beyond our preoccupation with literacy and numeracy. NAMSA [Normal and Model Schools Association of New Zealand] Conference. 1.00 -2.15pm, 18 September, James Cook Hotel, Wellington.

Ings, W. (2019). Trading Beyond Experience: Teaching Technology into the Future. 2019 Technology Education New Zealand Conference [TENZ]. 9.15- 10.15am, 1 October,  The Auditorium, Albany Senior College, Auckland.

Ings, W. (2019). Out Of The Safety Net:  Learning Beyond Reason. 2019 Natural Phenomena Conference. 9.00-10.00am, 16 November,  592 Ngunguru Rd, Whangarei.

Ings, W. (2018). The disobedient navigator: errant thinking and the courage of the question. 3rd International Conference on Post-disciplinary Approaches. 9.00-10.30am, 4th February, WG126 AUT University, Auckland. 

Ings, W. (2018). Positive Disobedience: Influencing change. New Zealand Area Schools Conference. 9.30-10.30 am, 23rd August, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Christchurch.

Ings, W. (2018). Finding Your Way by Moonlight: Supporting Journeys to Unexpected Horizon. 7th Bridging Educators’ of New Zealand Conference [FABENZ]. 9.30-10.30am, 29th November, CQ Hotel, Wellington.

Ings, W. (2017). Disobedient thinking: Beyond heroic leadership. 10th Lessons Learned International Defence Forces Conference, 1.15-1.45pm, 16th May, Rydges Conference Centre, Queenstown. http://www.nzdf.mil.nz/corporate-documents/illc2017.htm

Ings, W. (2017). The post-heroic teacher: Leadership and influence in the age of anxiety. AKO Aotearoa: Talking Teaching, 27th October, St Margaret's College, Otago University.

Ings, W. (2017). Beyond cynicism: Productive disobedience and the power of agency. PPTA National Conference, 10.00-10.30am, 5th October, Brentwood Hotel, Kilburnie, Wellington. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7zhY8Mfsus

Ings, W. (2017). Why professional disobedience matters: the power of productively disobedient teachers. NZEI National Conference, 11.00am-12.30pm, 2nd October, Rotorua Events Centre, Rotorua. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqCr2yDMsfw

Ings, W. (2017). Misreading 'Special': Alternative intelligences, and the recovery of humanity in education. Special Education Principals’ Association conference [SEPAnz]. 11.00am -12.00pm, 2nd November, Waipuna Hotel and conference centre, Auckland).

Ings, W. (2016). Beyond the Realm of Writing. Three-city public address to the New Zealand Graphic Designers’ Association [Assembly]. 7.00-9.00pm, Thursday September 1st YND, Wellington;  7.00-9.00pm Wednesday 14th September The Grid, Auckland; 7.00-9.00pm Friday 15th September XCHC, Christchurch.

Ings, W. (2016). No Hero. Bullying and the birth of inner gods. Public lecture for KEA Inspire, 3pm – 6pm, Wednesday 15 June – Auckland, Sky City Theatre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JANeLOsvksA

Ings, W. (2015, 30 June). Unknown realities: Universities and the Protean. Australasian Council of Open Distance and e-learning. 9.15-10.15am WG 308 AUT University. Ings, W. (2015, 5 August). The dangers of sleeping with your social editor.  National Association of Secondary Deputy and Assistant Principals (NASDAP) conference - Sky City. http://www.etv.org.n/NASDAP/#prettyPhoto[iframes]/0/

Ings, W. (2015, 7 September). Creativity, productive disobedience and the effective scholar. 5.00 - 6.00pm Suva: University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus.

Ings, W. (2014, 27 November). Into the realm of unknowing: Drawing, imagination and an emerging fictional world. Fifth Art of Research Conference [AOR14]: Helsinki.

The address can be viewed below.

Ings, W. (2014, 17 July). Elwyn Richardson Memorial Lecture. Beyond Performance: Creativity, signature and disobedient thought. ANZAAE Conference Auckland New Zealand.

Ings, W. (2014, 8 July). Indelible Marks: Beyond the measure of performance. Teacher Education Forum of Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Rauika Titohu Kaiako on Aotearoa [TEFANZ] Biannual Conference: WINTEC Hamilton, New Zealand.

Ings, W. (2014, 3 September). Another Way of Being: Change, disobedience and leadership. 32nd Tertiary ICT Conference. Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Ings, W. (2014, 10 Feb.). Policing the Family: The human face of queer law reform in Aotearoa/New Zealand. NXT14- US Embassy & LGBT Youth Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Ings, W. (2013 18 May). Enstasic Dreams: The creative nature of image led thought. World Film  International Conference on Film and Media: Between Dreams and Reality Vienna, Austria.

Ings, W. (2013, 3 August) Disobedient Thinking. TEDX TALK, Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

The address can be viewed below.

Ings, W. (2011, 18 October). The passionate pursuit: Research as an emotional and cognitive engagement. New Zealand Teacher Education Conference: Conversations on Research, Auckland.

Selected papers at international conferences:

Ings, W. (2019). Methodological approaches to film development that heighten the chances of discovery and originality in the resulting work  China Academy of Art (Xiang Shan campus) 6:30 – 8:30pm, 4 December, Hang Zhou, China. [Public adderess]

Ings, W. (2018). The short film as post-disciplinary practice. 3rd International Conference on Post-disciplinary Approaches, 2 February, AUT University, Auckland, NZ. [Paper presentation].

Ings, W. (2016). Designing the unknown: Supervising design students who manage mental health issues. Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference 27-30 June Brighton, UK. [Proceedings paper and presentation]

Ings, W. (2016). Invisible Stories: loss, recovery and the rhetoric of war. Storytelling: Global reflections on narrative, 10th -12th July, Mansfield College, Oxford, UK. [Proceedings paper and presentation].

Ings, W. (2016). The Duty of Care: Madness, trust and pedagogical design. Value & Virtue in Practice-Based Research Conference, 5-6 July York St John University. [Proceedings paper and presentation].

Ings, W. (2016). The artistic researcher and the land. Value & Virtue in Practice-Based Research Conference, 5-6 July York St John University. [Poster presentation].

Ings, W. (2013). The imaging mind: Story development in the realm of pictures. 4th Global Conference on Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative, 21st-24th May. Michna Palace Ujezd, Mala Strana, Prague, Czech Republic. [Proceedings paper and presentation]

Ings, W. (2013). The challenges of supervising story design theses. 2nd Annual HEA Arts and Humanities conference, Brighton 29 - 30 May, Brighton, England.

Ings W. (2013). The rage of silence: Type and marginalisation. International Symposium on Typographic Landscaping, Göteborg, Sweden, 17 - 18 June, Göteborg, Sweden.

Publications in press:

Ings, W. (In press: 2020). Out of the picture: drawing the narration of film. Visual Methodologies.

Ings, W. (In press: 2020). A small box of values: The ethics of telling other people’s stories. In J. McNiff & Nixon, J. International Handbook for Values and Ethics in Educational Research,Routledge

Ings, W. (2020). Navigating the possessed: Kingseat hospital and the geographies of possibility. ACME, the International Journal of Critical Geographies. (In review)

Ings, W. (In press 2020). Unruly Thought: Valuing and supporting academics who manage mental health issues.  In J. McNiff, Representations of the Academic. Routledge (Book chapter)

National and international awards:

2002 Prime Minister’s Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence
2002 NZ Government Award for Sustained Tertiary Teaching Excellence

2005 Boy:

  • Winner Best Short Narrative Film, Cinequest International Film Festival
  • Winner Audience Award- Best Experimental Short Film, (Planet Out Awards, USA)
  • Winner John O’Shea Award for Best New Zealand Short Film.
  • Winner Best Short Film, Out Takes Film Festival
  • Winner Best Director, Best Art Direction, Best Editing-Drifting Clouds Film Festival [New Zealand]
  • Winner Best International Film Berlin Interfilm, Short Film Festival

2006 Boy: Shortlisted for the 2006 Academy awards

2011-12 Munted:

  • Winner Best Short film Lucerne International Film Festival.
  • Winner Audience award Zubiak International Film Festival
  • Winner Jury Award Regensburg Film Festival

2017-2018 Sparrow:

  • Winner Best Director, 2018 Diversity in Cannes, International Film Festival
  • Winner Best Actor, 2018 Diversity in Cannes, International Film Festival
  • Winner Best Cinematography, 2018 Diversity in Cannes, International Film Festival
  • Winner Best Film 2018 Delhi Shorts International Film Festival
  • Winner Jury award: Best Film, 7th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival
  • Winner Jury Award, 2017 Honourable mention Best short film, Outshine Miami International Film Festival
  • Winner Special Mention, 2018 11th Amacourt Film Festival.
  • Winner Best Cinematography, 2018 Beyond Earth Film Festival
  • Winner Best Director, 2019 Open Windows Film Festival
  • Winner Best Young Talent Actor, 2019 London Love Story Film Festival
  • Winner Best LGBT Short Film, 2019 London Love Story Film Festival
  • Winner Best Short Film 2019 Indian World Film Festival
  • Winner Best Direction 51st Fotogramma d’Oro Short Film Festival, 2019
  • Winner Best Film, Quarantine Film Festival Varna, Bulgaria 2019

The film’s website can be found here: http://sparrowfilm.nz/

A link to all trailers and the films Munted and boy can be found here:

2013 Awarded AUT University Medal for Research and Education

Completed PhD supervisions:

Lisa Williams: An investigation into the semiotic meaning potential of material aspects of old media as expressed in a multimodal novel. [Completed 2011]

Gabriella Trussardi: Patterns of Corporeality: The grotesque text/ile body. [Completed 2012]

Moana Nepia: Te Kore: The poetics of performance. [Completed 2012]

Talita Toluta'u: Talonoa e fonua: renegotiating film narration inside a Tongan epistimological framework. [Completed 2015]

Eileen Lavranos: To mend a tear: an investigation into how documentary may be used to tell the story of families who care for someone who has a mental illness. [Completed 2015].
http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/8934 Ron Left: Painting and Time: The dynamic of the actual and the virtual. [Completed 2016]. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/9606

F. Derek Ventling: Illuminativa – The Resonance of the Unseen. [Completed 2017]. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/10414

Quentin Allan: Coming out later in life: An inquiry into delayed acquisition of homosexual identity in Aotearoa, New Zealand. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/11004

Chen Chen: Bright on the grey sea: Utilizing the Xiang system to creatively consider the potentials of menglong in film poetry. [Completed 2018]. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/11737

Winner of the 2018 Dean’s award for best Doctoral thesis in Art & Design. The film poems were officially selected in over 15 international film festivals including: the 2nd Asian World Film Festival, Los Angeles; the 14th Scrittura E Immagine International Short Film Festival, Pescara, Italy; the 2nd Rushes National Film Festival, Karnataka, India; the 55th Society for Photographic Education Annual Conference, Philadelphia, USA; the 51st Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival (nominated for a Remi Award), Houston; the 2nd International University Cine-Letters Festival of Agadir, Agadir, Morocco; the 2nd Silk Road International Poetry Film Festival 2018, Almaty, Kazakhstan; the 50th New Zealand International Film Festival; the 13th “Courts Dans La Vallee - Au Fil des Arts”, Prémian, France; the 6th CYCLOP International Poetry Film Festival, Kyiv; the 2017 Echo Film Festival BRICS, Moscow; and the 6th International Video Poetry Festival Athens.

Ross Branigan. How then to act? A Performance as Research investigation into the potentials of expanding an actor’s agency. [Completed 2019]. http://hdl.handle.net/10292/12298

Neil Boland. The mood of the fifth: Exploring interbeing with(in) the refrain. [Completed 2019]. http://hdl.handle.net/10292/12433

Marcos Steagall. The Process of Immersive Photography: Beyond the Cognitive and the Physical [Completed 2019]. http://hdl.handle.net/10292/12251

Tatiana Tavares. Paradoxical Realities: A Creative Consideration of Realismo Maravilhoso in an Interactive Digital Narrative. [Completed 2019]. http://hdl.handle.net/10292/12958

PhD supervisions in progress:

Hossein Najafi. Digargoon: A creative inquiry into autobiographical memory models and their impact on the development of a narrative short film

Maree Sheehan. The sound of identity – Interpreting the multi-dimensionality of wāhine Māori through audio portraiture.

Cecelia Faumaunia. Asi - the presence of the unseen.

Igelese Ete. Nafanua’ – Ua Sau le Va’a Na Tiu: A creative exploration of traditional and contemporary Samoan musical structures, instrumentation and performance, expressing genealogy through the realms of self-identity.

Toiroa Williams. Tangohia mai te taura: Take This Rope: A documentary consideration of historical grievances within Te Whakatōhea and Te Whānau ā Mokomoko.

Richard Orjis. Below, behind, across: queering contemporary art practice

Andreas Mikellis. What a tailor can do Sartorial interventions in commodity culture.

Eleanor Gannon. Exploring Mindfulness as Drawing Practice

Elena Panaita. Two Worlds: Designing a Narrative for Immersive Reality.

Award winning MA and M.Phil. supervisions:

To date I have supervised 59 research theses to completion. Below are a selection of those that won international, national or institutional awards at Masters level.

First Class Honours: Panaita, E. (2018). An exegetical consideration of Upgraded Gods.
[Winner of the Dean’s award for best M.Phil. thesis].

First Class Honours: Chooi, D, Y, L. (2017). Homebound: The Illustrated Graphic Novel As an Autobiographic Voice for an Immigrant Asian Gay Male in New Zealand.

First Class Honours: Sinfield, D. (2016). Typographical poetics: a contemplation on memory and loss at the Patea Cool Stores and Freezing Works.

First Class Honours: Pouwhare, R. (2016). He iti te manu he nui te kōrero - The bird is small - the story is epic. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/9776

First Class Honours: Faumaunia, C. (2015). Malaga – The voice of positive dissonance.

First Class Honours: Burton, R. (2015). A creative consideration of climate adaptation as a social and ecological palimpsest. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/9138

First Class Honours: Hutcheson, M. (2015). Paradox: How New Zealand culture enables creativity yet mitigates against its spread. http://hdl.handle.net/10292/9206

First Class Honours: Ventling, D. (2014). Illuminating Inspiration: The Coalescence of light and craft. [Primary supervisor]. Dean’s Award for Highest Scoring M.Phil.

First Class Honours: Van Melle, G. [M.Phil] (2014). Sound Bites. [Primary supervisor].
http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/6940. Selected for TEDX Utrecht https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNlJcQ5FOmc

First Class Honours: Gunn, M. (2014). Common Ground: a creative exploration of narratives of connection between people and land in Scotland and Aotearoa / New Zealand. [M.Phil]. [Primary supervisor]. Dean’s list of outstanding postgraduate theses. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/8427

First Class Honours: Hanna, J. (2013). World Creation: Building an Alternate History. [Primary supervisor]. Finalist in the New Zealand BEST design awards. Dean’s award for highest scoring MA thesis in Art & Design. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/7029

First Class Honours: DeGuzman, J. (2013). Aspire: A creative exploration of the short, lyrical documentary. [Primary supervisor].  Best Documentary 2014 Living Skies Student Film Festival Regina, Canada Tumbang Preso (Jailbreak) Official selection 2014 New ASEAN Filmmaker Spotlight (Bangkok International Student Film Festival), Finalist Uni Shorts International Student film Festival, 2013 Freshly Squeezed International Student Short Film Festival in Dublin, SHNIT 2013 program Little and Short in Bern, Switzerland. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/6359

First Class Honours: Ayr, L. (2012). Disjecta Membra: A poetic interplay of fragments. [Primary supervisor]. Finalist in the New Zealand BEST design awards. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/5535

First Class Honours: Waldner, L. (2012). “I want to be a forensic scientist playboy bunny”: A creative and critical examination of the contradictions and complexities of being a contemporary woman. [Primary supervisor]. Dean’s Award for Highest Scoring M.Phil. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/5334

First Class Honours: Tavares, T. (2011). Carnival land: A performance of metaphors. [Primary supervisor]. Selected for New Zealand Writers’ and Readers’ Week. Finalist in the New Zealand BEST design awards. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/1318

First Class Honours: Kim, P. (2010). Chrysalis: Poetic narration and identity: An exploration of Sijo poetry and the filmic voice. [Primary supervisor]. Official selection for the 2011 New Zealand International Film Festival, the 2011 Flicks International Film Festival in Groningen, and the 2011-2012 Sadho International Poetry Film Festival New Delhi. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/1111

First Class Honours: Goddamune, N. (2010). Illustration as inquiry: A visual response to New Zealand fashion week. [Primary supervisor]. Finalist in the New Zealand BEST design awards http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/1162

First Class Honours: Konings, N. (2010). The transformative mirror: Contemplating the self as an emergent being through active reflection. [Primary supervisor]. Silver award in the New Zealand BEST design awards [interactive category], Dean’s award for highest scoring MA thesis in Art & Design. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/1195

First Class Honours: Gannon, E. (2009). Botanica: The earthly divine: Botanically photographing Dante’s divine spaces [Primary supervisor]. Silver medal in the NZIPP photography awards. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/805

First Class Honours: Tolutau, T. (2009). Talanoa: matala 'oe fonua. [Primary supervisor]. Finalist in the New Zealand BEST design awards. http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/503

First Class Honours: Sinfield, D. (2009). Under the surface: reflections on workers’ narratives from below the minimum wage. [Primary supervisor]. Finalist in the New Zealand BEST design awards.

Recent PhD examinations:

2018. External examiner PhD: Kahra Scott-James. College of Arts. Victoria University, Melbourne.

2018. External examiner PhD:  Karen Seccombe. Massey University.

2018. External examiner Doctor of Fine Arts: John Chrisstoffel. University of Auckland.

2017. External examiner PhD: Fiona Jackson. University of Waikato.

2016. Internal examiner PhD: Julia Reynolds. AUT University: A World’s Return: A phenomenological Encounter with Film Worlds.

2016. Internal examiner PhD: Jill Worrall. AUT University: Understanding the Role of Women in the Care and  Protection of Children [A Feminist Autobiographic Analysis].

2015. External examiner PhD: Terri Te Tau, Massey University: Beyond the corners of our whare: A conceptual Maori response to state surveillance in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

2015. Internal examiner PhD: Rod Fee: AUT University: The Assault on Mount B.

2014. External examiner PhD: Elizabeth Grant: Massey University. Bronze as a non-customary intervention in the interpretation of insects from the natural world of the Maori (and exhibition From Gondwanaland to Gonewonderland).

2014. External examiner PhD: David Rolfe: Charles Darwin University, Darwin. Visualising Real world and Virtual-world Masking with Art Glass and Abstract Animation.

2013. External examiner PhD. Johnson Witehira Massey University. Tarai Korero Toi - Articulating a Maori Design Language.

2009. External examiner PhD: Marion Evans Victoria University. Development: Opening space for New Zealand women’s participation in scriptwriting for feature films?

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