Dr Susan Y. H. Sun

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Senior Lecturer

Email: susan.sun@aut.ac.nz

ORCID: ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6818-442X


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Education), University of Sydney
  • Master of Arts (Hons) in Language Learning and Teaching, University of Auckland
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature, Guangzhou University


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese language and literature from China and have spent most of my working life teaching Chinese Mandarin both in China and New Zealand. My Master’s degree (Auckland University, New Zealand, 1999) is in language learning and teaching. My PhD is on designing for computer assisted language learning (CALL).

My research in recent years have focussed mainly on online language learning and teaching and design. I have examined various aspects of online learning, e.g., the difficulties and challenges confronting online language teachers, the difficulties confronting online learners and the ways they adapted to online learning, teacher’s ongoing design, learner configuration, place-making, and social co-configuration. I have also conducted studies on the methodological aspects of CALL task design. I am currently working on the project exploring the possible adaptation of design pattern languages for CALL design.

I collaborate with colleagues in New Zealand and overseas, as well as the wider Chinese language learning and teaching community in New Zealand. I am currently working on two collaborative research projects, one with Dr Carvalho and Dr Qi from Massey University (working title: designing for diversity in the Chinese classroom) and another with Associate Professor Strauss at AUT which focusses on promoting the contemporary educational design concept of “teachers-as-designers” and examines the ways in which language teachers (trainees in our Master programmes) design for socially situated and technology-enhanced language learning.

Research interests:

Computer-assisted language learning (CALL)
Technology-enhanced language learning (TELL)
Design for CALL/TELL
Student configuration
Student place-making
Socially situated language learning
Design patterns and pattern language
CALL/TELL and language teachers education

Teaching summary:

Bachelor of Arts (Chinese), language and cultural papers at all levels
Language Teaching and Learning (minor) – in the area of CALL)/TELL
Master of Arts in Applied Language Studies – in the area of CALL/TELL
Master of Professional Language Studies in Language Teaching – in the area of CALL/TELL

Fields of research:

  • Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
  • Language Studies
  • Chinese Languages
  • Other Language, Communication and Culture

Professional activities:

    Contribution to academic environment

    • Conference Program Committee Member, 2020/2021 The 3rd Pan-Pacific Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) International Conference (2019 - ongoing)

Research outputs:

Journal articles

  • Sun, S. Y. H. (2020). Using patterns-based learning design for CALL tasks. Computer Assisted Language Learning. doi:10.1080/09588221.2019.1657902

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Conference contributions

  • Sun, S., Qi, G. Y., & Carvalho, L. (2019). Designing for diversity in the Chinese classroom. In Chinese Language Teaching Professional Development workshop: Responding to Diversity in Chinese Language Education, 2019 Chinese Language Week. Auckland.

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Oral presentations

  • Sun, S. (2017). Design for computer assisted language learning. Sydney, Australia. Retrieved from http://crlionline.net/node/222

  • Y. H. Sun, S., & Crezee, I. (2017). Hermeneutic phenomenology and vignette data collection and analysis. AUT Tower (WT building).

  • Sun, S., & Crezee, I. (2017). Research Methodologies: Hermeneutic Phenomenology; Vignettes. AUT Tower, AUT.

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