Professor Sigrid Norris

Director, AUT Multimodal Research Centre

Phone: +64 9 921 999 extn 6262


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  • PhD, Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
  • MS, Sociolinguistics, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
  • BA, Russian Language & Literature, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA


Sigrid Norris is Professor of Multimodal (Inter)action and Director of the AUT Multimodal Research Centre at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. She is author of  Analyzing Multimodal Interaction, Identity in (Inter)action,  Systematically Working with Multimodal Data and  Multimodal Theory and Methodology: for the analysis of (inter)action and identity. She also edits extensively with ‘4 Volumes on  Multimodality in the Routledge Critical Concepts in Linguistics Series as the latest one; and is founding editor of the international journal  Multimodal Communication.

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Teaching Areas:

Sigrid teaches Intercultural Communication on undergraduate and  Identity on postgraduate level. Internationally, Sigrid also teaches Masterclasses and PhD Seminars on Identity, Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis, Multimodal Transcription, or Multimodal Theory.

Current supervisions

  • The Construction of Indigenous Identity Through Creativity: An Exploration of Māori and Pacific Identity Constructed Through Dance, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing (PhD, Tui Matelau-Doherty)
  • “Who do you think you are?!” A comparative analysis of identity construction and change among ethnic Koreans in New Zealand, Russia and South Korea (PhD, Yulia Khan)
  • Teamwork via videoconferencing technology in English: comparison of Serbian bilingual and mono-lingual English speakers’ helping sequences (MPhil, Ivana Rajic)
  • Facilitating Feminist Conversations with Asian Migrant Women through a Workshop (MA, Helen Yeung)

Some completed supervisions at AUT

  • Kitesurfing: Actions, (inter)actions and mediation (Jarret Geenen, PhD)
  • Spiritual vegetarianism: Identity in everyday life of Thai non-traditional religious cult members (Bonnyalakha Makboon, PhD)
  • Tutoring as Knowledge Communication: A multimodal (Inter)action Analysis (Jesse Pirini, PhD)
  • Marketing the Visual Arts in New Zealand: A Critical Analysis of Promotional Material by Christchurch Art Galleries (Candy Lange, MA

Research Areas:

  • Identity (ethnic, migrant, family, everyday identity production, etc.)
  • Communication in teaching and learning
  • Communication in families (face-to-face and via technology)
  • Communication in workplaces and knowledge communication (face-to-face and via technology)
  • Teamwork (face-to-face and via technology)
  • Communication with and through art
  • Communication in and through the engagement in sports or physical activity (the process of doing sports and the identity production through sports)
  • Theory and methodology for the analysis of human actions and interactions
  • Geosemiotics

Current Research Projects:

  • Identity
  • Family interaction
  • Communication in learning spaces
  • Teamwork

Recent Awards and Keynotes


  • Keynote: Personal Identity: A Multimodal Perspective. Multimodal Research 2019 - International Conference. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the AUT Multimodal Research Centre, Auckland, New Zealand, 8-11 December.


  • Senior Fellowship in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie FCFP (University of Freiburg, Germany and the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007– 2013) under REA grant agreement no. [609305]


  • Keynote: “It’s just like being there in person”: International videoconferencing in families. 6th New Zealand Discourse Conference. Auckland, New Zealand 6.-9. Dec
  • Keynote: Multimodal (inter)action analysis and its relevance for visual pedagogy. Association of Visual Pedagogies Conference. Aalborg, Denmark. 17-18. June.
  • Keynote: Rhythm and emergent synchronization in videoconferences. International Workshop: Experiencing Rhythm. Universität Freiburg, Germany. Feb. 21-23




  • Multimodal Theory and Methodology: For the analysis of (inter)action and identity. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.


  • Systematically Working with Multimodal Data: Research Methods in Multimodal Discourse Analysis. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.


  • Liebe und Trennung: Gedichte aus Ethnographischen Feldstudien/Love and Separation: Ethnographic Feld Poetry/Dual Language Book. Brey, Germany: Mykum Verlag.


  • (ed). Multimodality: Critical Concepts in Linguistics. 1.ed. Volumes I -IV, 1,714 pages. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.


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Selected Recent Articles and Chapters


  • Focused attention in focus: Crossing Micro-Analytical Boundaries. In: Tanja Gnosa/Kerstin Kallass (Hg.): Grenzgänge. Digitale Festschrift für Wolf-Andreas Liebert, 1-14.


  • (with Pirini and Matelau-Doherty) Multimodal Analysis. In A. Phakiti, P. De Costa, L. Plonsky, & S. Starfield (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Applied Linguistics Research Methodology. Palgrave Macmillan UK.
  • (with Pirini) Communicating knowledge, getting attention, and negotiating disagreement via videoconferencing technology: A multimodal analysis. Organizational Knowledge  Communication, 3(1), 23-48.


  • Scales of action: An example of driving & car talk in Germany and North America. Text & Talk. 37(1),117-139.
  • Rhythmus in internationalen Videokonferenzen. In: Breyer, Thiemo; Buchholz, Michael; Hamburger, Andreas; und Pfänder Stefan (Hgg). Resonanz, Rhythmus & Synchronisierung: Interaktionen in Alltag, Therapie und Kunst Bielefeld: transcript-  Verlag.


  • Interaction - Language and modal configurations in multimodal actions in the art classroom. In: Klug, Nina-Maria and Stöckl, Hartmut (eds). Handbook ‘Language in Multimodal Contexts’. Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter Mouton
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