Sue Gallagher

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Associate Head of School, MESH/Minors

Phone: +64 921 9999 #8357


Postal Address:
School of Art and Design
Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies
Auckland University of Technology
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


MA Performance Design (Distinction) Central Saint Martins, UK. Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) University of Auckland.

Research interests:

Sue Gallagher is a spatial designer and academic based at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. Working between performance and architecture, installation and moving image, Gallagher explores spatial design as an unstable platform that transgresses many art forms. It is her understanding from training as an architect and performance designer that spaces are not static and fixed creations, but are subtle, transformative and communicative. Gallagher was the New Zealand Co-Curator and Exhibition Designer for the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in 2007 and 2011 and has collaborated with many leading New Zealand Performance Designers and Artists. Performance, installation, moving image and other spatial designs have been exhibited in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Japan, Czech Republic, Canada and New Zealand.

Selected projects:

2012: Language of Living, New Zealand Dance Company, ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre.
Set Design (in progress)
2012: Assembly Exhibition Design, St Paul St Gallery.
Collaborative design team including Tana Mitchell, Onne Terre, Elvon Young, Kim Paton, Sue Gallagher
2009-2011: NZ Commissioner for the 2011 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space (PQ11).
Responsible for; the development and delivery of the NZ submissions, which included four exhibitions: National, Student, Architecture, and Extreme Costume exhibitions; Leading curatorial team, which included Sue Gallagher & Tracey Collins (National), Sue Gallagher (Extreme Costume), Stuart Foster (Student), Amanda Yates (Architecture); Securing funding; Staging series of three public exhibitions / design workshops in New Zealand in preparation for PQ11 (details below).
June 2011: PQ11: NZ Co-Curator & Exhibition Designer (with Tracey Collins) for the NZ National Exhibition: Fly-Tower.
Selected Artists: Daniel Belton, Christopher Braddock, Carol Brown, Tracey Collins, David Cross, David Eversfield, Stuart Foster, Sue Gallagher, Tracy Grant Lord, Dorita Hannah, Russell Scoones, Nooroa Tapuni.
March 2011: NZ Co-Curator & Exhibition Designer (with Tracey Collins) Fly-Tower exhibition, 2011 Auckland Arts Festival Visual Arts Programme (AK11).
December 2010: Co-Curator for NZPQ10 Design Research Lab and exhibition (with Stuart Foster), Blow Creative Arts Festival, Massey University.
August 2010: Curator for LIVE. REPEAT. PLAYBACK., St Paul St Gallery, Auckland.
Selected Artists National Section: Daniel Belton, Christopher Braddock, Carol Brown, Tracey Collins, David Cross, Tony DeGoldi, David Eversfield, Stuart Foster, Steve Gallagher, Sue Gallagher, Jennifer Lal, Tracy Grant Lord, Dorita Hannah, Russell Scoones, Nooroa Tapuni. (Curator: Sue Gallagher)
Selected Artists Architecture Section: Athfield Architects, Stephen Bain, Andrew Brettell, Creative Spaces, Paul Dibble, Benita Kumar, Jon Rennie, Charles Royal, Yosop Ryoo, Stevens Lawson Architects, Sam Trubridge, Warren and Mahoney. (Curator: Amanda Yates).
Selected Artists Student Section: Anita Barry, Sarah Burrell, Emily Campbell, Zahra Killeen-Chance, Azadeh Emadi, Suzie Gorodi, Matt Gruiters, Ian Hammond, Amber Pearson, Max Thomas-Edmond, Yosop Ryoo, Andrew Simpson, Becca Wood. (Curators: Sue Gallagher & Stuart Foster). (Stage 1: Final Selection for PQ11).
March 2010: Co-Curator of FUTURE DESIGNERS exhibition (with Elvon Young & Fleur Palmer), Urbis Design Day, Simon James Showroom, Auckland.
Selected Designers: Celia Harrison, Yosop Ryoo, Nadeesha Godamunne, Glenn Yungnickel, Anzac Tasker, Stephen Reay, Jillian Round.
Nov 2009: Curator for GLITCH: Performance & Media Arts event. St Paul St Gallery, Auckland.
Selected Artists: Christopher Braddock, David Cross, Sean Curham, Phil Dadson, Azadeh Emadi, Suzie Gorodi, Brent Harris, Mark Harvey, Ben Stevens, Nooroa Tapuni, Sam Trubridge, Becca Wood.
June 2007: NZ National Co-Curator (with Tracey Collins) for the 2007 Prague Quadrennial: International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture.
Selected Designers: Tracey Collins, Tony DeGoldi, Jeremy Fern, John Gibson, Tracy Grant Lord, Michael Hodgson, Grant Major, Shona McCullagh, Mark McEntyre, John Parker, Sam Trubridge, John Verryt, Elizabeth Whiting.
March 2007: NZ National Co-Curator BLoW at Auckland Arts Festival, AK07, Visual Arts Programme, BNZ Foyer, Aotea Centre, Auckland.

Public lectures and engagements:

November 2011: Referee, (Im)materialising Time, special issue in the Studies in Material Thinking Journal. Guest Editors: Maria O'Connor & Amanda Yates
June 2011: Panelist, Scenography Curating (Exhibition) Panel, 2011 Prague Quadrennial.
Invited by Creative Director: Sodja Lotker and Theory Curator: Thea Brejzek
May-June 2011: Co-Convenor (with Aukje Thomassen) PLAY: Talk Series, A+D Postgraduate Research Seminar, AUT. Invited Speakers: Gregory Bennett, Andrew Clifford, Sophie Jerram, Douglas Kahn, Timothy Morton, Luke Pittar, Andrea Polli. Monique Redmond, Aukje Thomassen.

March 2011:

Performance Designer & Artist Talk (Convenor):  AK11 Visual Arts Programme: Fly-Tower Installation.

March 2011: Panelist, Performance/Art, Auckland Arts Festival's In Conversation Series.
Convenor: Ariane Craig-Smith.
May 2011: Public Lecture, Scape Postgraduate Research Series, Massey University, Wellington.
Convenor: Amanda Yates.
2011: External Examiner, Master of Design, Unitec, Auckland
August 2010: Convenor, Live. Repeat. Playback. Symposium, AUT University.
Invited Speakers: Anita Barry, Christopher Braddock, Stuart Foster, Sue Gallagher, Brett Graham, Ian Hammond, Dorita Hannah, Amber Pearson, Albert Refiti, Sam Trubridge, Amanda Yates.
May 2010: Convenor, The Shape Of Things Symposium: Medium of Art Criticism, Review, and Reception, 4th Auckland Triennial, Auckland Art Gallery.
May 2010: Public Talk: Tino Sehgal's connection with Xavier Le Roy, 4th Auckland Triennial, ST PAUL St Gallery.
Convenor: Hanna Scott, Auckland Art Gallery.
April 2010: Invited Member of CNZ round table discussion on the future of moving image/media arts.
Convenor: Tim Walker
April 2010: Referee for Interstices Journal of Architecture and Related Arts.
2010-currently: Engima: He Aupiki Charitable Trustee. Interstices Journal of Architecture and Related Arts.
2010-currently: External Moderator of the Master of Architecture examinations, University of Auckland.
February 2010: Public Lecture, SCAPE Postgraduate Seminar Series, Massey University, Wellington.
November 2009: Convenor, Misperforming: A Symposium on the Unstable Paradigms of Performance & Media Arts.
Invited Speakers: Christopher Braddock, Keren Chiaroni, David Cross, Dorita Hannah, Brent Harris, Brandon Hur, Alys Longley, Sharon Mazer, Maria O'Connor, Hellen Sky, Scott Wilson.
External Examiner for Master of Design programme, Massey University, Wellington
October 2009: Curatorial Proposal presentation, Expanding Scenography Symposium, Amsterdam Theatreschool.
 Invited to discuss the curatorial direction for the National Section of the 2011 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Art.
October 2008: Paper Presentation, Performance Environments Symposium, Media Atmos, CoLab & MIC.
September 2008: Paper presentation, In Between States: Bodies_Disciplines_Spaces Symposium Wellington, Massey University.
August 2008: Panel Presentation Activism & paralysis at the PSi#14: Performance Studies International Conference, Copehagen.
December 2007: Pecha Kucha Night #5, ABA Boxing Stadium Eden Terrace.
October 2007: Re-Imagining the City Panel Discussion, as part of CREATIVE CITIES, Moving Image Centre, Auckland.
Invited by the British Council and MIC.
June 2007: Looking at PQ: Island Talk, Panel Discussion as part of the Scenofest Lecture Series of the 11th Prague Quadrennial.
March 2007:
BLOW Panel Discussion: Contemporary NZ Performance Design, AK07 Visual Arts Public Programme, the Edge.