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Level 14, Room WT1403, AUT Tower, corner of Wakefield and Rutland streets, Auckland Central.


  • Postgraduate: PhD at the University of Western Australia, fully funded through an Australian Postgraduate Award. PhD: Tombois, Wedding Mothers, and Androgynous Priests: Conceptualising Gender Among Bugis in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Supervisors: Dr Lyn Parker and Dr Greg Acciaioli.
  • Undergraduate: BA University of Tasmania (1994-1996); BA First Class Honours, University of Tasmania and the Australian National University (1997).


After growing up in Tasmania, Australia, I lived in Girard, Ohio for a year as a Rotary Exchange student. I then completed a BA with first class honours at the University of Tasmania before doing my PhD at the University of Western Australia, with stints at the Australian National University and Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Since first traveling there in 1994, Indonesia has been the primary location of my research, which was originally about gender and sexuality but more recently has incorporated surveillance, social media, and policing. In 2015, I graded to Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate. When not working, my partner and I like dragging our kids out tramping and to far away locations.

I am AUT Fullbright Campus Advisor along with Ineke Crezee.

Research Summary:

As an Asian Studies scholar and anthropologist my most significant contribution to knowledge revolves around rethinking ways in which gender operates in the Indonesian archipelago.

I have published two monographs on this topic. One text is a theoretical exploration of gender and sexuality and the other is an ethnographic case study on the ways individuals negotiate gendered selves from adolescence onwards. I have also published Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia with Linda Bennett. This book was the 2015 winner of the Ruth Benedict prize for best edited collection, awarded by the American Anthropology Association and the 2016 International Convention of Asian Scholars book prize.

In 2018, I took up a two month visiting scholar position at the Southeast Asian Studies Center at Sydney University. I also presented talks at Witwaterstrand University and the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. In 2017, I was visiting scholar at Peking University. In 2014/2015, I took up a Fulbright award to visit the US and a Leverhulme Visiting Professorship at the University of Cambridge, hosted by Social Anthropology. In addition to research and writing I enjoy lecturing and in 2010 I was co-recipient of an AUT Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. I was the 2015 winner of the Faculty of Culture and Society Research Excellence award and the 2018 winner of the VC Research Impact Award.

I have supervised PhD students on such topics as: HIV prevention among pregnant mothers; surf tourism; transgender in Bangladesh; Steiner education; children's voice within the law; Southeast Asian migration; and social media communities. 

From 2019, I have been working with Rhonda Shaw and Elizabeth Kerekere on a Marsden-funded project exploring assisted reproduction and Kiwi kinship in Aotearoa. 

Publication highlights: see Research Gate and for a full list.

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Selected keynote addresses

  • 2017 Peking University New Zealand Centre Public lecture on Policing and the State.
  • 2015 University of Cambridge Leverhulme Public Lecture series, including 'You're Doing it: Performance, I La Galigo and Authenticity in Indonesia', available at:
  • 2015 School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS) public lecture on 'Reporting Police in Indonesia'.
  • 2015 London School of Economics (LSE) public lecture on 'Sexing Gender: Queer Islam in Indonesia'.
  • 2015 Cambridge Masterclass for anthropology postgraduate students on 'Kinships of Shame: Sexuality and Moral Connectivity in Contemporary Indonesia'.
  • 2014 Yale University Fulbright-funded public lecture on 'Performance and Tropes of Authenticity'.