Associate Professor Rod Thomas

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Phone: +64 9 921 9999 x 5821


Physical Address:
Law School
Room WY 506
Level 5, AUT Law School Building
120 Mayoral Drive
Auckland Central 1010
Postal Address:
Law School
Faculty of Business and Law
Auckland University of Technology
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142


  • BA/LLB (Auck)
  • LLM (First Class Hons) (Auckland)
  • LLM (Melbourne) 


Rod has some 30 years experience concerning land title and development issues. He started his legal experience as a legal officer and assistant land registrar at the Land Titles Office, Auckland in the early 1980s. For some 12 years he was then a property lawyer with one of New Zealand’s biggest law firms, specialising in advising developer clients. For a further 12 years he was a barrister sole at the Auckland bar, litigating and advising on land issues, co-ownership issues, and general land law disputes.

Research Areas:

  • Fraud concerning automated registration of land title dealings
  • Contract issues concerning sale of land
  • Cross lease and Unit Title issues
  • Remedial constructive trusts
  • Tracing at common law
  • Property title and land registration issues

Research Summary:


Contributing author, Leaky Buildings Crisis – Understanding the Issues (Thomson Reuters, Wellington, 2011)

Brookers Unit Titles Handbook 2011 with an analysis by Rod Thomas (Thomson Reuters Wellington, 2011)

T Bennion, D Brown, R Thomas and E Toomey New Zealand Land Law (2nd ed Reuters Thomson Wellington 2009)

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A Alston, T Bennion, M Slatter, R Thomas and E Toomey Guide to New Zealand Law, (2nd ed Reuters Thomson Wellington 2000)  

Contributing author, Brookers Land Law (loose-leaf, three vols.)


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Unpublished Conference Papers

Rod Thomas, Roulshi Low and Lynden Griggs “Electronic Conveyancing in Australia – is anyone concerned about security?” 12th Australasian Property Law Teachers Conference 2014 at Bond University, 17 – 19 July 2014

Rod Thomas, Tim Jones and John Greenwood “Horrors in 3D – Panel Discussion of unit title problems” Property Law Conference, New Zealand Law Society CLE Ltd, 23 and 24 June 2014, Te Papa, Wellington

“Automated Registration and Deferred Indefeasibility” ADLSi Property Pot Pourri 1, 8 May 2014, Ellerslie Convention Centre, Auckland

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New Zealand “Law Society Unit Titles Intensive Seminar 2013,” Te Papa, Wellington

“The Far Side of the World – the “three key proof requirements” and automation of the Land Registers in New Zealand and Australia” CINDER Conference, Amsterdam, October 2011. 

L Griggs R Thomas and R Low “Stopping Fraud in an Electronic Environment” National University of Singapore, 11 July 2012.


“Powers, duties and discretions of Body Corporate Committees under the new Unit Titles Act” Auckland District Law Society Inc CLE Seminar (May 2012)

“Bodies corporate: powers, duties, delegations and discretions” New Zealand Tenancy Tribunal CLE Training Seminar- (November 2011).

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Known judicial citations

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New Zealand Court of Appeal
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