Professor Roger Marshall

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Phone: + 64 9 921 9999 ext 5478


Physical Address:
120 Mayoral Drive, Auckland, WY Building

Postal Address:
Marketing Department
Faculty of Business
Auckland University of Technology
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142,
New Zealand


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Western Australia
  • Master of Commerce (Hons), University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Auckland

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Editor-in-Chief, Australasian Marketing Journal
  • Voted onto the Executive Committee of the Australia and New Zealand marketing Academy (ANZMAC) in 2010. Reference
  • Appointed as member of KAMS Editorial Board
  • Member of the American marketing Association,
  • AUT University Postgraduate Board member
  • Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing

Works with:

  • Australasian Marketing Journal (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (Executive Committee)


After a New Zealand business career of some twenty years, Roger read for a PhD in consumer psychology from the University of Western Australia in 1990. Since that time Dr Marshall has been actively engaged in research. Although he has published extensively - in areas such as advertising, family decision- making, personality in marketing, brand equity and retail pricing practice - his main research interests at this time are in marketing of high technology, relationship marketing and behavioural change.

Teaching Areas:

  • Marketing management
  • Business-to-business marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Research methods

Research Areas:

  • Inducing behavioural change
  • Business-to-business Marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Research methods

Research Summary:

Roger has eclectic research interests. His Phd was in cognitive psychology (how people process information to form attitudes) and he publishes regularly in related areas in topics such such as brand equity and advertising research. Lately Professor Marshall has moved more strongly into business-to-business research, publishing research in sales and technology transfer, industrial buying centre dynamics and relationship and service research.He has developed a particular interest in behavioural change. Roger’s research profile is public on Google Scholar Citations.

Current Research Projects:

Currently projects include:

  • Experimental work on the Default Option, with colleagues within the Department.
  • Marketing aspects of bilingualism with graduate students and Department colleagues.
  • Emotions in business-to-business relationships.
  • Trust in on- and off-line media
  • Research using fuzzy-set QCA

Roger usually has a dozen or so post-graduate students to supervise, in areas ranging from children’s brand affiliation behaviour to managerial decision-making.


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  • 2003, Teacher of the Year, Nanyang Technological University Business School, Singapore
  • 2002, 2004, Teacher of the Specialization, Nanyang Technological University Business School, Singapore
  • 2009, Emerald Outstanding Paper Award, for “Na, WoonBong, Roger Marshall & Arch Woodside (2009). Decision system analysis of advertising agency decisions. Qualitative Market Research, Vol. 12, No.2, p.153-170.