Dr Rita Csako

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Senior Lecturer/Clinical Leader

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 Ext 7970

Email: rcsako@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:
AUT University (Room AR155)
North Shore Campus
90 Akoranga Drive
Northcote, Auckland
New Zealand
Postal Address:
AUT University
North Shore Campus
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


  • 2008 Postgraduate Degree in Work and Organisational Psychology
  • 2002 PhD in Psychology
  • 1994 Masters Degree in Psychology
  • 1994 Masters Degree in Teacher of Psychology

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • 2015-present
    New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPsS)

  • 2011-2015
    Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED)

  • 2009-present
    Registered by the New Zealand Psychologists Board

  • 1998-present
    Association of the University of Debrecen

  • 1994-present
    Hungarian Association of Hypnosis/ member of International Society of Hypnosis

  • 1994-present
    Hungarian Association of Psychology


Rita is a skilled psychologist with more than fifteen years’ experience in psychological counselling and therapy. She graduated at the University of Debrecen (Hungary) as Psychologist and Teacher of Psychology in 1994 and completed her PhD in 2002. Before moving to New Zealand Rita was a faculty member of the Department of Psychology (Debrecen, Hungary) for nearly ten years teaching various areas of psychology for psychology and teacher students both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Rita has also been involved in various research projects and also worked at the University Counselling Service of the University of Debrecen (Hungary) working with clients from diverse backgrounds and presentations. In 2008 Rita completed a Postgraduate degree in Work and Organizational Psychology at Budapest University of Technology & Economics (Hungary) and been involved in cross-cultural research projects. After moving to New Zealand, in 2011 Rita joined the Ministry of Education, providing psychological services for students with special needs from diverse cultural backgrounds. From 2011 until joining AUT in 2014, she worked at Thrive, an intensive rehabilitation programme in Eating Disorder services and been involved in both Residential and Day Programme, providing care for patients diagnosed with Eating Disorders and their families.

Rita also has extensive experience supervising psychology students and interns both in University and Clinical settings. Her professional experience covers a wide range of applied psychology, trained and has competence in a variety of therapeutic approaches and developed her own clinical approach integrating knowledge from different psychological approaches.

Rita joined AUT in 2014 as a Senior Lecturer and Clinical Leader of the Psychology Clinic at AUT Akoranga Integrated Health Clinic. Besides clinical supervision and teaching, she is also involved in providing psychological care in the private sector at SHM Therapy.

Teaching Areas:

  • Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Psychological Theory and Practice
  • Psychological Intervention
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Internship in Counselling Psychology

Research Areas:

  • Human sexuality
  • Eating Disorders
  • Interdisciplinary approach in clinical practice
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Stress, coping and anxiety


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