Nancy McIntyre

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PhD Candidate

Phone: 09-921-9640


Physical Address:

49 Wellesley Street East,Auckland City
Private Bag 92006, Auckland 1142


  • Bachelor of Business (Management), AUT
  • Master of Professional Business Studies (Management)(Honours), AUT
  • Master of Philosophy (Honours), AUT
  • Doctoral Candidate (Management), AUT

Teaching Areas:

  • Management – Organisational Behaviour (Hospitality)

Research Areas:

  • Migrant; workplace diversity studies
  • Acculturation; integration
  • Management – human resources; organisational behaviour

Research Summary:

A key objective for this research is to utilise the findings to inform on and perhaps springboard onto new management practices to accommodate the increasingly culturally diverse workforce in New Zealand. The findings arising from this research may be used to inform, promote and encourage appreciation and understanding of the Chinese, Indian and Eastern European migrants in New Zealand. In New Zealand and indeed other migrant-receiving nations, in the advent of globalisation and all that it entails, this appreciation and understanding will be most advantageous to academics, employees, management personnel and management practitioners, and the wider community. It will also benefit the interview participants as well as the researcher. The benefits may relate to the personal growth, development and learning through a combination of self-reflections and personal insights as the Chinese, Indian and Eastern European migrants recount their acculturation experiences and workplace encounters.

In sum, this research aims to elicit an informed understanding of the migrants’ acculturation experiences and the various aspects of cultural diversity dynamics from an organisational context.  From this informed perspective, indepth understanding and learning shall occur, benefitting primarily organisational practitioners, academics and students, policy-makers as well as migrants and indeed the general population.  
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Current Research Projects:

Acculturation experiences and workplace cultural diversity dynamics: A comparative study of Chinese, Indian and Eastern European migrants in New Zealand.