Dr Margot Solomon

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Postgraduate Programme Leader - Post Qual Advanced Psychotherapy Practice. Senior Lecturer

Phone: 64+ 9 921 9999 Ext 7191

Email: margot.solomon@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:

Room AR232

AUT University

North Shore Campus

90 Akoranga Drive

Northcote, Auckland 0627

New Zealand

Postal Address:

Department of Psychotherapy, Mail Code A12

Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences

AUT University, North Shore Campus

Private Bag 92006

Auckland 1142

New Zealand


DHSc, MA (Hons), BA, NZIPP

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Margot is an educator, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and a group analytic therapist. Her areas of interest include teaching and learning, psychoanalytic theory, group psychotherapy, clinical supervision and qualitative research especially hermeneutic phenomenology. Margot has a small private psychoanalytic practice working with individuals and groups for psychotherapy and supervision.

Teaching Areas:

Theory and practice of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision, Group Psychotherapy , (Small and Large groups), ethics, Dissertation, Academic Supervision at Masters and Doctoral level.

Research Areas:

Qualitative research: hermeneutic phenomenology and heuristic research.
Topics of current interest are:  How do we learn? Teaching and learning as relating;
The use of reverie and reflection in practice, (Including container/contained, negative capability);
Body countertransference as a resource in psychotherapy;
Boundary issues and ethics in psychotherapy and supervision.
Large groups and their application for social change (Community Kōrero at AUT).

Current Research Projects:

Teaching as relating in psychotherapy and other helping professions.
Reverie and reflection, container and contained, negative capability in psychotherapy education and in practice
Group Analysis and the Community Kōrero: Uncomfortable allies.
A clinical supervision model.
The Mindbody Psychotherapy approach in chronic spontaneous urticaria unresponsive to medical therapy. (AUT and Auckland City Hospital).


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