Dr Maziar Ramezani

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Senior Lecturer - Mechanical Engineering

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext. 6946

Email: maziar.ramezani@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:

Auckland University of Technology
WZ 334C - 34 St Paul Street
Auckland Central
Auckland 1010

Postal Address:

Auckland University of Technology
School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142

ORCID: ORCID logo  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0400-4925


PhD, MSc, BSc (Mechanical Engineering)

Memberships and Affiliations:

Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia (MIEAust)
Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Teaching Areas:

  • Solid Mechanics
  • Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis
  • Computer-Aided Engineering and Analysis

Research Areas:

Tribology, Load-bearing orthopaedic implants, Dental implants, Tribo-corrosion, Friction sliding structural connections, Bio-based lubricants, Coating, Finite Element Analysis, Metal forming, Additive manufacturing, Composite materials, Impact mechanics, Fatigue and Creep.


Recent Peer Reviewed Journal Papers (2018-2019):

1.Arjmandi, M. & Ramezani, M. (2019). Finite element modelling of sliding wear in three-dimensional textile hydrogel composites. Tribology International, 133, 88-100.
2.Asif, M., Ramezani, M., Khan, K., Khan, M. & Aw, K.C. (2019). Experimental and numerical study on the effect of silica filler on tensile strength of 3D printed particulate nanocomposite. Comptes rendus Mecanique DOI:10.1016/j.crme.2019.07.003
3.Saeidi, M., Gubaua, J.E., Kelly, P., Kazemi, M., Besier, T., Oening Dicati, G.W., Pereira, J.T., Neitzert, T. & Ramezani, M. (2019). The influence of an extra-articular implant on bone remodelling of the knee joint. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology DOI: 10.1007/s10237-019-01193-7
4.Asif, M., Ramezani, M., Khan, K., Khan, M. & Aw, K.C. (2019). Investigation of the strain-rate dependent mechanical behaviour of a photopolymer matrix composite with fumed nano-silica filler. Polymer Engineering & Science DIO:10.1002/pen.25168
5.Arjmandi, M. & Ramezani, M. (2019). Mechanical and tribological assessment of silica nanoparticle- alginate-polyacrylamide nanocomposite hydrogels as a cartilage replacement. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 95, 196-204.
6.Li, M., Assadian, M., Ramezani, M. & Aw K.C. (2019). Printed Soft Angular/Torque Sensors Using Carbon Black-Silicone Composite. Sensor Review DOI: 10.1108/SR-11-2018-0290
7.Li, H., Ramezani, M., Chen, Z., Singamneni, S. (2019) Effects of process parameters on temperature and stress distributions during selective laser melting of Ti-6Al-4V. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals  DOI: 10.1007/s12666-019-01785-y
8.Saeidi, M., Ramezani, M., Kelly, P., Neitzert, T. & Kumar, P. (2019). Preliminary study on a novel minimally invasive extra-articular implant for unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis. Medical Engineering and Physics, 67, 96-101.
9.Ramezani, M., Klima, S., Le Clerc de la Herverie, P., Campo, J., Le Joncour, J.B., Rouquette, C., Scholze, M. & Hammer, N. (2019). In-silico pelvis and sacroiliac joint motion: Refining a model of the human osteoligamentous pelvis for assessing physiological load deformation using an inverted validation approach. BioMed Research International, Article ID 3973170.
10.Hammer, N., Höch, A., Klima, S., Le Joncour, J.B., Rouquette, C. & Ramezani, M. (2019). Effects of Cutting the Sacrospinous and Sacrotuberous Ligaments. Clinical Anatomy, 32(2), 231-237.
11.Khanlari, K., Ramezani, M., Kelly, P., Cao, P. & Neitzert, T. (2019). An investigation on reasons causing inferiority in unlubricated sliding wear performance of 60NiTi as compared to 440C steel. Tribology Transactions, 62, 96-109.
12.Asif, M., Ramezani, M. & Aw, K.C. (2019). Effect of Interfacial Adhesion on Tensile Strength of 3D Printed Particulate Nanocomposites. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 520, 012001.
13.Arjmandi, M., Ramezani, M., Bolle, T., Köppe, G., Gries, T. & Neitzert, T. (2018) Mechanical and tribological properties of a novel hydrogel composite reinforced by three-dimensional woven textiles as a functional synthetic cartilage. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 115, 123-133.
14.Scholze, M., Singh, A., Lozano, P.F., Ondruschka, B., Ramezani, M., Werner M. & Hammer, N. (2018) Utilization of 3D printing technology to facilitate and standardize soft tissue testing. Scientific Reports, 8:11340.
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