Dr Megan Phillips

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Senior Lecturer

Email: megan.phillips@aut.ac.nz

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  • PhD (Marketing), Auckland University of Technology
  • MPhil (Marketing, First Class Hons), Auckland University of Technology
  • BBus (Marketing, First Class Hons), Auckland University of Technology
  • BBus (Retailing and Management), Auckland University of Technology


Dr Megan Phillips completed her PhD at Auckland University of Technology in 2017. She has recently been appointed in the Marketing department as a retail specialist and member of the Māori and Pacific Early Career Academic Programme.

Megan has always had a love for artistically designed spaces, beautiful well-made clothing, and fashion. She enjoys working in creative spaces where innovation and opportunity can be harnessed. Megan is endlessly curious and fascinated by shoppers and how they are shaped by their environments.

As an emerging researcher in Retailing, Megan has started to build a research platform focusing on promotions, shopper attention, information processing, priming, store atmospherics, and food choice. She is currently working on multiple projects with colleagues across the university and internationally. Megan uses technology such as scent machines and virtual stores to aid in the research process, which has lead to collaborations with companies such as Fonterra, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd (PakNSave, New World, Foursquare), and Raydar (shopper marketing agency).

Megan is currently supervising six Masters students. She is a passionate teacher who dedicates a lot of her time to mentoring and helping students succeed. Megan enjoys teaching in interactive spaces that provide students with the opportunity to think creatively, debate and work on real-life business problems.

Research interests:

Megan brings an interdisciplinary perspective to her research drawing on work from retail, sensory marketing, behavioural economics, public health, consumer food research, and cognitive, environmental, and social psychology. She enjoys both field and laboratory research particularly observing phenomenon in their natural environments, as well as more rigourious experimental methods in the lab. Megans research has developed in the field of retail with a focus on store atmospherics, nudging, promotions, and food choice. She also likes to use technology such as virtual stores and scent machines to aid in data collection.

Megan is available to supervise postgraduate students in areas related to her teaching and research. Her research interests include:

Physical and online retail space
Consumer health
Store atmospherics
Shopper behaviour
Information processing
Experimental design
Retail technology
Retail innovation

Teaching summary:

Bachelor of Business
- Trends and Innovations in Marketing, Advertising, Retailing and Sales
- Communications in Marketing, Advertising, Retailing and Sales
- Research for Marketing, Advertising, Retailing and Sales
- Shopper Environment and Behaviour
- Issues and Innovations in Retail
- Retail

Master of Business
- Shopping Environment Studies

Master of Marketing
- Applied Marketing Concepts
- Research in Marketing

Professional activities:

Appointment, affiliation, and membership

  • Member, Academy of Marketing Science (2019 - ongoing)
  • Group member, The Future Food Network Auckland University of Technology (2018 - ongoing)
  • Member, Association for Consumer Research (2017 - ongoing)
  • Member, American Marketing Association (2017 - ongoing)
  • Early Career Academic Māori and Pacific Programme, Auckland University of Technology (2017 - ongoing)
  • The Food Network, Auckland University of Technology (2015 - ongoing)
  • Member, Society of Consumer Psychology (2014 - ongoing)
  • Member, International Honours Society, Beta Gamma Sigma (2012 - ongoing)

Editorship, reviewing, examining, and judging

  • Publication reviewer, Australasian Marketing Journal (2019 - ongoing)
  • Reviewer for the Retailing and Pricing track, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (2019 - ongoing)
  • Conference Reviewer, Society of Consumer Psychology Conference (2019 - ongoing)
  • Dissertation Examiner, Auckland University of Technology (2019 - ongoing)
  • Thesis Examiner, Auckland University of Technology (2018 - ongoing)
  • Dissertation Examiner, Auckland University of Technology (2018 - ongoing)
  • Conference Reviewer, Association of Consumer Research Conference (2018 - ongoing)
  • Conference Reviewer, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2014 - ongoing)

Outreach and engagement

  • Consulting to Fonterra's Behavioural Hub (2018)

Invitation to present research

  • AUT Food Network, South Campus (2016)

Research outputs:

Journal articles

  • Kim, J., Franklin, D., Phillips, M., & Hwang, E. (2020). Online travel agency price presentation: Examining the influence of price dispersion on travelers' hotel preference. Journal of Travel Research, 59(4), 704-721. doi:10.1177/0047287519857159

  • Kim, J., Hwang, E., Phillips, M., Jang, S., Kim, J. E., Spence, M. T., & Park, J. (2018). Mediation analysis revisited: Practical suggestions for addressing common deficiencies. Australasian Marketing Journal, 26(1). doi:10.1016/j.ausmj.2018.03.002

  • Phillips, M., Parsons, A. G., Wilkinson, H. J., & Ballantine, P. W. (2015). Competing for attention with in-store promotions. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 26(Sep). doi:10.1016/j.jretconser.2015.05.009

Conference contributions

  • Phillips, M., Kapitan, S., & Rush, E. (2019). From the store to the kitchen: The effects of an ambient herb scent on healthy food choices. In Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference. Vancouver. Retrieved from https://www.ams-web.org/event/2019AC

  • Hwang, E., & Phillips, M. (2019). Impact of visual texture on product evaluation. In J. E. Richard, & D. Kadirov (Eds.), 2019 ANZMAC Conference proceedings (pp. 299-302). Wellington. Retrieved from https://confer.nz/anzmac2019/

  • Kim, J., Franklin, D., Hwang, E., & Phillips, M. (2018). Online price dispersion: Impact on hotel choice. In 2018 ANZMAC Conference Proceedings (pp. 147). Adelaide.

  • Phillips, M., & Kapitan, S. (2017). Smell-o-vision: Olfactory and visual store atmospherics prime healthy food choices. In Advances in Consumer Research Vol. 45 (pp. 1-3). San Diego: Association for Consumer Research. Retrieved from http://www.acrwebsite.org/volumes/1023840/volumes/v45/NA-45


  • Phillips, M. (2017). Store atmospherics as a prime to nudge shoppers toward healthier food choices. (Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ). Retrieved from http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/10977

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