Dr Mahmood Ahmed Momin

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Senior Lecturer

Phone: : +64 9 921 9999 – ext: 5081

Email: mahmood.momin@aut.ac.nz


  • PhD Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • MPhil School of Accounting and Finance, University of Manchester, UK
  • MCom Department of Accounting, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
  • CMA Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, Bangladesh

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Associate Member of Chartered Accountants of Australian and New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Associate member of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Australia
  • Associate Member (ACMA) of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (CMA) of Bangladesh


Mahmood joined Auckland University of Technology in 2008 as a senior lecturer. Before his present position, he has worked in the School of Accountancy, Massey University New Zealand as a lecturer. Mahmood's teaching experience also includes teaching at Glasgow University, Scotland [as a tutor] and at the Islamic University of Kushtia Bangladesh as an Assistant Professor.

Mahmood is a professionally qualified cost and management accountant, who in 2006, completed his PhD in social accounting from Glasgow University.

Teaching Areas:

Postgraduate level of teaching

  1. Strategic Management Accounting and Management Accounting for Business (Master of Professional Accountants (MPA) degree).
  2. Management Accounting for Decision Making (Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree).
  3. Accounting Issues in Emerging Markets (MBus level).

Undergraduate level

  1. Financial Accounting for Companies, Management Accounting and Accounting Information System.

Interests in Research Supervision

  • Corporate social responsibility and reporting, especially in emerging economy
  • Corporate accountability issues of multinational corporations
  • Sustainability reporting issues

Research Areas:

  • Corporate social responsibility reporting, climate change disclosure, sustainability reporting; and Water disclosure, Workplace Diversity and Corporate governance
  • Corporate accountability within globalisation context, governance and gender diversification
  • Corporate social accounting from religiosity perspective
  • Social Business and social impact

Research Summary:

My current research focuses broadly on teasing out accounting and accountability issues related to any form of social accounting (i.e. social and environmental accounting, sustainability accounting, integrated accounting) in any form of business (i.e. multinational corporation and social business) and country contexts (i.e. developed and emerging countries). Given that accounting is a socially constructed phenomenon and different forms of accounting and accountability exist; my research goes on to explore, evaluate, critically examine, provide future directions and thus contribute in the development of these new forms of accounting. In particular, I am very much focused in reporting aspects of accounting such as corporate social and environmental reporting (CSER), climate change reporting, and sustainability reporting, within the emerging economy country context. My more recent interests include CSR in social media and religiosity and CSR. Although my research inquiries mainly follow the qualitative research methodology tradition (i.e. interview analysis, qualitative case study), I am keen to use mix-method approaches (i.e. interview and content analysis) and method triangulation.

Current Research Projects:

  • Md. Tareq Bin, Hossain, M., Momin, M., and Dellaportas, S., (under review). Stakeholder Network Influence on Suppliers’ Social Responsibility (SSR): The case of Bangladesh’s apparel industry.
  • Momin, M., Nurrun Nabi, M. (working paper). Influence of religiosity in recognising corporate social responsibility in Saudi Arab:  an exploration. Target journal(s): AAAJ or JBE.
  • Momin, M., Nurrun Nabi, M. (working paper). Corporate social disclosure practice in Saudi Arab: An Islamic perspective. Target journal British Accounting Review; ABR.
  • Momin, M., Parker (working paper). Institutionalization of corporate social reporting in foreign subsidiaries of multinational corporations (SMNCs)- a collective case study evidence from Bangladesh. Target journal: AAAJ.
  • Momin, M. and Hossain, M. (working paper). Gramscian ideological hegemony, historical count and CSR in Bangladesh: looking for a new paradigm. Target Journal: CPA.
  • Momin, M. and Hossain, M. (working paper). Visual rhetoric and CSR of global corporations: An exploration. Target Journal: JBE.


Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journal

  1. Hossain, M. Islam, M. T., Momin, M. Nahar, S. and Alam, S. (2018). Understanding Communication of Sustainability Reporting: Application of Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT). Journal of Business Ethics. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10551-018-3874-6. A “A” tiered journal according to ABDC. Published online 20th April.
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  3. Hossain, M., Farooqe, O. A., Momin, M. and Obaid, A. (2017). Women in the boardroom and their impact on climate change related disclosure. Social Responsibility Journal. 13(4), pp. 828-855, https://doi.org/10.1108/SRJ-11-2016-0208. A “B” tiered journal according to ABDC.
  4. Hossain, M., Momin, M., Rowe, L., A. and Quaddus, M. (2017). Corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER) Reporting practices: A case of listed companies in Bangladesh. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal. 8(2), pp. 138-165. http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/SAMPJ-04-2015-0027. A “B” tiered journal according to ABDC.
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Refereed conference proceedings

  1. “NGOs perception of Corporate Social Disclosure in Bangladesh”. Conference paper, ARA Conference 26th November 2010, Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland.
  2. “Civil society’s view on Corporate Social Disclosure through Gramscian lenses”. APIRA 2010 Conference, 12 & 13 July 2010, Sydney, Australia.
  3. “The view of selected NGOs on corporate social disclosure in Bangladesh”. IPA conference, 9-11 July 2009, Innsbruck, Austria.
  4. “Making interview sense: an experience from a developing country”. 5th APIRA Conference, 8-10 July 2007, Auckland, New Zealand.


  • 2000 – Awarded ‘Millennium Scholarship-2000’ from the University of Glasgow to study PhD
  • 1999 – Awarded ‘Charles William Wallace’ grant while studying M Phil at Manchester University
  • 1987 – Awarded grants from Bangladesh Government for excellent result at Graduation with Honours
  • 1984 – Awarded grants from Bangladesh Government for excellent result at Higher Secondary Certificate examination
  • 1982 – Awarded scholarship from Bangladesh Government for excellent result at Secondary School Certification examination