Dr Mark Jackson

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Associate Professor of Design

Phone: 64-9-917 9999 extn 8648 or +64 21 920 114

Email: mark.jackson@aut.ac.nz

Postal Address:

School of Art and Design
Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies
AUT University
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


  • Ph.D. Architecture, University of Sydney, 1994
  • B. Architecture, University of Sydney, 1976
  • B.Sc. Architecture, University of Sydney, 1972

Academic Appointments, Affiliations, and Employment History:

2008-2019Associate Professor of Design, School of Art & Design, AUT
2011-2013School Head of Research, School of Art & Design, AUT
2006-2012Associate Dean (Research & Postgraduate Studies) Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies, AUT
2003-2005School Head of Research, School of Art & Design, AUT
2000Appointed Senior Lecturer, Spatial Design, School of Art & Design, AUT

Other Employment:

1996-2000               Faculty of Architecture, University of Adelaide, Australia.
1990-1996               Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, Australia.
1998-1990               Power Institute for Fine Arts, University of Sydney, Australia

Visiting and Temporary Appointments:

Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Architecture, M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass. 1996.
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Winter Semester, 2003-04.
Invited visiting scholar, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany, 2011.

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Mark Jackson’s principal research interests are in a broad platform of philosophical approaches to ethics in design cultures and architecture. He has published on the work of Jacques Derrida, Emmanuel Levinas, Martin Heidegger, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and Walter Benjamin, with respect to design cultures, design theory and approaches to design research, with a particular emphasis on post-humanist engagements with ethics. He has also published on the literary philosophy of Maurice Blanchot, and feminist writings associated with the works of Hélène Cixous and Luce Irigaray. He has also produced film and digital video works for exhibition, and has published in the field of film and philosophy.

Film and Video Projects:

Universal Provider - Mark Jackson

UNIVERSAL PROVIDER 48 min colour/ 16 mm film

Failure to Materialise


The Voice of No-One Once Again - Mark Jackson


Current Projects:

City/State: Foucault,
Urbanism, Risk
Co-authored book (with M. Hanlen) engaging the spatial ontology of Foucault, along with Agamben and Negri, applied to the politics of urbanism. The book engages historical and contemporary understandings of liberalism and neo-liberal determinations of urban development.
Cities of EmpireA suite of six 15 minute digital films on contemporary memory-traces of former capitals of empire, engaging the trace-structures of forgetting that open to a political crisis of sovereignty discussed, for example, in the writings of Giorgio Agamben and Antonio Negri.
Drive TimeA monograph publication researching the complex of relations between the French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan, and the philosopher, Martin Heidegger, with particular emphasis on the lectures delivered by Heidegger between 1928 and 1936.

Selected Publications


  • Benade, L & Jackson, M. (2018). Transforming Education: Design & Governance in Global Contexts. Singapore: Springer Nature.
  • Emmerling, L. & Jackson, M. (2006). The Inconceivable (Illustrated edition). Auckland: St. Paul Street Gallery Press.

Book Chapters

  • Jackson, M. (2017). Artwork as Technics. In E. Grierson (Ed.), Activating Aesthetics. Routledge.
  • Wells, A., Jackson, M. & Benade, L. (2017). Modern Learning Environments: Embodiment of a Disjunctive Encounter. In Benade, L & Jackson, M. (2018). Transforming Education: Design & Governance in Global Contexts (pp. 3-17). Singapore: Springer Nature.
  • Jackson, M. (2014). Go Into This Space: The Work of Mark Themann. In Go Into This Space (pp. 7-128). Berlin: Revolver Publishing. Retrieved from http://www.revolver-publishing.com/
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  • Jackson, M. (2007). The origins of the originary. In E. Lehner, & H. Muckler (Eds.), Das architektonische erbe Samoas. Vienna: Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag.
  • Jackson, M. (2006). Incised skin and other spurs. In M. Kavka, & J. Lawn (Eds.), Gothic NZ: the Darker Side of Kiwi Culture, Otago (pp. 88-98). Otago: Otago University Press.

Journal Articles

  • Jackson, M. (2017). Knowledge, Education & Aesthetics. Educational Philosophy & Theory, 49 (13): 1267-1276.
  • Jackson, M. (2015). The Artwork as Technical Object. Access: critical perspectives on communication, cultural and policy studies, Special Issue: Activating Aesthetics.
  • Hanlen, M. & Jackson, M. (2015). Freedom, Self-Interest and the Urban: From Political to Post-Political Economy. Interstices: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts 16: 17-23.
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  • Jackson, M. (2012). Before Anticipation. Access: critical perspectives on communication, cultural and policy studies, 31(1).
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  • Jackson, M. (2008). Colonialism: Thresholds of Western Culture. Feature review. Journal of Multicultural Discourse, 3(1), 69-74.

Conference Presentations

  • Jackson, M.L. (2015). City/Corp. In The Urban Thing: Interstices Under Construction. AUT University, Auckland, NZ.
  • Jackson, M. L. (2013). Machine Flow Territory. In The Territory In Between: Deleuze Studies Conference. University of Lisbon, Portugal.
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Doctoral Supervisions


Maria O’Connor
Ashes Without Reserve: Her Pro-Nominal Tracings of the Strictures of Sexual Difference. PhD on the philosophy of sexual difference in the work of Jacques Derrida. Examination by thesis. [2007]

Chris Braddock
The Artist Will Be Present: Performing Partial Objects and Subjects. A practice-led PhD in performance. Examination by exhibition and exegesis. [2008]

Frances Joseph
Mnemotechne of Design — Ontology and Design Research Theories. Examination by thesis. [2010]

Mark Harvey
Performance Test Labour. A practice-led PhD engaging the fields of performance art and dance choreography. Examination by performance work and exegesis. [2011]

Yael Klangwisan
Jouissance: A Cixousian Encounter with the Song of Songs. A creative writing PhD in Old Testament hermeneutics via Cixous and Derrida. Examination by creative writing text and exegesis. [2012]

Brent Harris
Figuring Diachrony — Ethics Before the Voice. A practice-led PhD in performance concerning the ethics philosophy of Levinas. Examination by performance work and exegesis. [2013]

Marcia Lyons
Open Limit; field as witness. A creative works PhD culminating in a polyphonous textual practice, presented on-line. [2013]

Mandy Smith
Seamless Knitwear: Singularities in Design. Practice-led PhD in fashion knitwear design and Deleuze. Examination by exhibition of knitwear garments and exegesis. [2013]

Gustavo Restivo
Jouissance and the Sexual Reality of the (Two) Unconscious. PhD research on the psychoanalytic work of Jacques Lacan. Examination by thesis. [2013]

Mark Hanlen
City State: Foucault, Urbanism, Risk. PhD research on the political philosophy of urbanism. Examination by thesis. [2014]

Julia Reynolds
A World’s Return: A Phenomenological Encounter with Film Worlds. A practice-led PhD in film. Examination by feature film and exegesis. [2015]

Ian Jervis
Painting of Time: Duration Emergence Sensation. A practice-led PhD in painting. Examination by exhibition and exegesis. [2015]

Filip Maric
Physiotherapy & Fundamental Ethics: Questioning Self and Other in Theory and Practice. PhD research into Levinasian ethics and physiotherapy. Examination by thesis. [2016]

Simon Taylor
Imitation and expression: Minus Theatre. A practice-led PhD in theatre developed from the work of Deleuze. Examination by performance and exegesis. [2017]

Rachael Shearer
Te Oro o te Ao The Resounding of the World. A practice-led PhD in sound installation. Examination by performance and exegesis. [2018]

Alastair Wells
Modern Learning Environments as Agents of Teaching and Learning. PhD research into the spatiality of education. Examination by thesis. [2018]

Amanda Yates
Whakaaro Papa: Anthropos Design & Decolonising Metaphysics. PhD engaging ecological crises of climate change in relation to design thinking. Examination by Thesis. [2018]