Dr Megan Lourie

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Senior Lecturer

Email: megan.lourie@aut.ac.nz

ORCID: ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0751-9799


  • PhD, University of Auckland
  • Master of Education (First class), University of Auckland
  • Diploma of Teaching, Auckland College of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Victoria University of Wellington


Megan is the Programme Leader for the Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching.  Megan was previously a secondary school teacher in the Languages learning area (te reo Māori), and held various roles relating to NCEA assessment. Her research is informed by policy sociology approaches, and my areas of interest include: bicultural education policy, issues relating to Māori language learning in mainstream school settings, and current debates about the concept of knowledge and its purpose in the compulsory education sector.

Research interests:

Education policy
Capitalism, globalisation and education
Knowedge in education
Te reo Māori in mainstream secondary schools
Biculturalism in education

Teaching summary:

Megan teaches on the Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching programme in the areas of assessment, professional practice and sociology of education.

Fields of research:

  • Education Policy
  • Sociology of Education
  • Te Reo Maori (Maori Language)

Research outputs:

Journal articles

  • Lourie, M. (2020). Recontextualising twenty-first century learning in New Zealand education policy: The reframing of knowledge, skills and competencies. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, 55(1), 113-128. doi:10.1007/s40841-020-00158-0

  • Lourie, M. (2018). ‘21st century practice in teaching and learning’ in New Zealand education: Strategic intention statements 2010-2016. Pacific-Asian Education: A Journal about Education in Pacific Circle Countries, 30, 21-32. Retrieved from http://www.pacificcircleconsortium.org/

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  • Lourie, M. (2011). 'Canaries in the coal mine': The reframing of biculturalism and non-Māori participation in Māori language learning. International Studies in Sociology of Education, 21(3).

Conference contributions

  • Lourie, M. (2015). Maori language in mainstream education. In Language Education and Diversity 2015 Conference. Auckland.

  • Rata, E., & Lourie, M. (2014). Realist methodology in sociology of education research. In ARE/NZARE conference. Brisbane.

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  • Lourie, M. (2014). Symbolic policy: A study of biculturalism and Māori language education in New Zealand. (University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand).

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