Lisa McEwan

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Senior Lecturer (Fashion)

Phone: (09) 921 9999 # 6496


Postal Address:
School of Art and Design
Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies
AUT University
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

Memberships and Affiliations:

DESIS - Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability


Lisa McEwan is a senior lecturer in the School of Art and Design. In 2014 she stepped aside from her role as Programme Leader for Fashion to align her values-based research with teaching in the sustainability area. She leads the Design for Sustainability minor, which sits within the School of Art and Design undergraduate programme, taught Sustainability Design on the Master of Design programme, and has supervised several masters’ projects focusing on social sustainability initiatives.

Lisa brings to the fashion department extensive industry experience spanning 26 years. She teaches experimental pattern cutting in fashion design studio, and her fashion theory teaching focuses on ethics, interrogating issues such as labour rights for garment workers, the use of animal products within fashion and associated industries, and the environmental impacts of textiles, particularly within a fast fashion paradigm.

Lisa’s vision is to impart students with real world skills, to nurture critical design thinking and to raise awareness of ecological and social sustainability concerns confronting both the global fashion industry and society as a whole.

Teaching Areas:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Theory
  • Design for Sustainability

Research Areas:

  • Social sustainability challenges in the globalised fashion industry
  • Use of animal products in fashion
  • Design thinking for sustainability in undergraduate teaching

Research Summary:

Lisa was awarded a Master of Design with distinction in 2011, with research that focused on facilitating knowledge transfer to support employment opportunities for fashion graduates and industry veterans in the context of an increasingly weakened local apparel industry.

Current research explores the reasoning and decision-making processes used by designers in the New Zealand and Australian high-end designer footwear sector.