Dr Lynn Kidman

Senior Lecturer

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext. 6678

Email: lynn.kidman@aut.ac.nz

Links to relevant web pages:
  • AIESEP (Association Internationale des Ecoles Supérieures ďEducation Physique – International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education)

  • TGfU (Teaching Games for Understanding)

Teaching Areas:

  • Sports coaching

  • Leadership

Research Areas:

  • Children in Sport

  • Sport Coaching Pedagogy

  • Athlete centred coaching

Research Summary:

My focus is on athlete-centred coaching in coach development and understanding how we train coaches. I am interested to determine pedagogical understanding of coaching and promote a perceptual, decision-making way of training athletes. Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) and its humanistic approach is also of interest. My students tend to use qualitative methodologies, including ethnography.

Current Research Projects:

  • HP Coaches’ pedagogies
  • New Zealand Coach Development Framework
  • Current students’ research: body pedagogies at schools (ethnography), meanings to play for NZ (ethnographic action research), autoethnography on student experience, applying self-determination theory in coaching (ethnographic action research); talented females experiences (interpretive); learning and complexity theory (qualitative); historical stories of outdoor ed.


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