Dr Jane Verbitsky

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Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader Conflict Resolution

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 5116

Email: Jverbits@aut.ac.nz


  • MA (Hons) (Auckland)
  • PhD (Auckland University)
  • GradDipBusStuds (Displute Resolution) (Massey)
  • CertTEFL (AUT).

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • New Zealand Political Studies Association.


Verbitzky Hibiscus.

Research interests

Jane's research interests are broadly centered on international governance and trans-national policy areas.

In particular, her recent research has focused on: Antarctic governance; justice institutions (both domestic and international); and New Zealand refugee policy.

Verbitsky Hibiscus Photo: Courtesy of Dr John Prince, Nestlebrae North Nursery, Kerikeri.


Teaching Areas:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Regional studies
  • International relations.

Current Research Projects:

Antarctica, governance and cryopolitics

My current research focuses on Antarctic governance. Because of the lack of a sovereign government in Antarctica, the continent is governed through a unique, multilateral condominium governance system known as the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS).

I have a particular interest in the key ATS decision-making group, the twenty eight Consultative Parties, and the tourism policy framework they have created in the white continent.

Tourism in Antarctica has increased significantly since the 1980s, but I have argued that ATS tourism initiatives have not kept pace with real-time changes, and that the Consultative Parties need urgently to address and rectify this situation (preferably through a dedicated Tourism Convention) in order to maintain their legitimacy as the self-designated stewards of Antarctica.

Another set of Antarctic research interests lies in cosmopolitan democracy and environmental justice, and how these ideas relate to the composition of the ATS decision-making group and to Antarctica’s role and status in the international system.

There are some compelling, unanswered questions around these cryopolitical issues — for instance, is Antarctica an international commons, a global commons, or is it a Common Heritage of Mankind? Is the ATS the most appropriate governance system for the continent, or should Antarctic governance be overseen by the United Nations as the most globally representative inter-governmental organization?


Selected publications:

  • Verbitsky, Jane (In Press) "Antarctica: Environment, Sustainability and Tourism", in Destination Management: An Economic Analysis, eds., Manuela Sarmento & Alvaro Matias, Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Verbitsky, Jane (2013) "Titanic Part Two? Tourism, Uncertainty and Insecurity in Antarctica", in The Emerging Politics of Antarctica, ed., Anne-Marie Brady, Routledge: Advances in International Relations and Global Politics series, London & New York.
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