Associate Professor Jun Lu

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Associate Professor - Biomedical Science and Pharmacology

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 7381


Physical Address:
AUT North Shore Campus,90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote,Auckland 0627, New Zealand
Postal Address:
Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, AUT University, Private Bag 92006, Box A-25, Auckland 1142, New Zealand


PhD Auck, MSc (1st Class Hon) Auck, BSc ECNU

Memberships and Affiliations:

Book proposal reviewer for John Wiley & Sons Ltd., UK and Elsevier Australia.

Reviewer for Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Drug Metabolism and Disposition, Molecular Pharmacology, Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of Food Science, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Molecules, Nutrition Research, International Journal of Food and Nutrition Science, Advances in Diabetes and Metabolism, and Food Chemistry.

Member of International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Member of American Association for Cancer Research since 2002

Member of Auckland Medical Research Foundation

Member of Auckland Cancer Research Network


Teaching Areas:

Dr. Lu is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Science and Pharmacology, and Head of Research in the School of Interprofessional Health Studies, and Biomedical Science Programme Leader in the School of Science. He is also the course coordinator of Postgraduate course Biomedical Science and Technology, School of Science, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences.

Research Areas:

The aims of my research are 1) to understand the molecular basis of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart and kidney complications associated with obesity and diabetes; 2) to identify novel targets to treat those diseases; 3) to find pharmacological treatment based on new targets; 4) to search for compounds from natural products for the treatment of cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular complications (including renal system) associated with obesity and diabetes; 5) to synthesise novel compounds based on rational design for the treatment of cancer and cardiac complication of obesity and diabetes; and 6) to discover and develop neutraceutical products with health benefits.
I also have three research hobbies which are: 1) Use modern biomedical technology to study marine animals (i.e. using MRI technology to study fish hearing structure); 2) Use bioinformatic tools to study micro-organism in various environmental samples; and 3) Maori and Chinese interactions in New Zealand.

Research Summary:

My expertise lies in the following areas. 1) Pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology, especially drug metabolism and pre-clinical drug testing using animal models and cultured cell lines; 2) Analytical chemistry, characterisation and quantification of molecules of interest; 3) Medical imaging using MRI; 4) Polyamine metabolism and energy metabolism; and 5) Cardiovascular and renal function determination and biomarker identification.
My technical expertise including imaging using High-Field MRI and clinical MRI, chemical analysis using HPLC, LC-MS and GC-MS, animal experimentation, in vitro tissue experimentation, molecular biology technology and cell line experimentation.


Selected publications:

Z. FU, M.J.Y. YOO, W. ZHOU, L. ZHANG, Y. CHEN, J. LU. Effect of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) extracted from green tea on reducing the formation of acrylamide from bread baking process. Food Chem, 242: 162-8. 2018. (IF 4.529).

V. THAKUR, J. LU, G. ROSCILLI, L. AURISICCHIO, M. CAPPELLETTI, E. PAVONI, W.L. WHITE, B. BEDOGNI. The natural compound fucoidan from New Zealand Undaria pinnatifida synergizes with the ERBB inhibitor lapatinib enhancing melanoma growth inhibition. Oncotarget, 8: 17887-96. 2017. (IF 5.168)

R. NEMATI, J. LU, G. SMITH, A. TURA, R. MURPHY. Acute changes in non-esterified fatty acids in patients with type 2 diabetes receiving bariatric surgery. Obesity Surgery, 27: 649-656. 2017. (IF 3.947)

R.G. SINGH, H.D. YOON, L.M. WU, J. LU, L.D. PLANK, M.S. PETROV. Ectopic fat accumulation in the pancreas and its clinical relevance for metabolic syndrome and its components: A systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression. Metabolism – Clinical and Experimental, 69: 1-13. 2017. (IF 5.777)

T. ODELEYE, Y. LI, W.L. WHITE, S. NIE, S. CHEN, J. WANG, J. LU. The antioxidant potential of New Zealand surf clams. Food Chem, 204: 141-9. 2016. (IF 4.529).

A. BRETT-MORRIS, B.M. WRIGHT, Y. SEO, V. PASUPULETI, J. ZHANG, J. LU, R. SPINA, E. BAR, M. GUJRATI, R. SCHURE, Z-R. LU, S.M. WELFORD. The polyamine catabolic enzyme SAT1 modulates tumorigenesis and radiation response in GBM. Cancer Res, 74: 6925-34. 2014. (IF 9.122)

A.Y. ZHOU, J. ROBERTSON, N. HAMID, Q. MA, J. LU. Changes in total nitrogen and amino acid composition of New Zealand Undaria pinnatifida with growth, location and plant parts. Food Chem, 186: 319-325. 2015. (IF 4.529, ERA rank A*).

J. BALBAS, N. HAMID, T. LIU, K. KANTONO, J. ROBERTSON, W.L. WHITE, Q. MA, J. LU. Comparison of physicochemical characteristics, sensory properties and volatile composition between commercial and New Zealand made wakame from Undaria pinnatifida. Food Chem, 186: 168-175. 2015. (IF 4.529)

S. BOULOMA, J. ROBERTSON, N. HAMID, Q. MA, J. LU. Seasonal change in lipid, fatty acid, α-tocopherol and phytosterol content of seaweed Undaria pinnatifida in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Food Chem, 161: 261-9. 2014. (IF 4.529).

C.A. RADFORD, J.C. MONTGOMERY, P. CAIGER, P. JOHNSTON, J. LU, D.M. HIGGS. A novel hearing specialization in the New Zealand bigeye, Pempheris adspersa. Biol Lett, 9: 20130163. 2013. (IF 3.089, ERA rank A)

P.E. CAIGER, J.C. MONTGOMERY, M. BRUCE, J. LU, C.A. RADFORD. A proposed mechanism for the observed ontogenetic improvement in the hearing ability of hapuka (Polyprion oxygeneios). J Compar Physiol A. 199: 653-61. 2013. (IF 2.429, ERA rank A)

W. MAK, N. HAMID, T. LIU, J. LU, W.L. WHITE. Fucoidan from New Zealand Undaria pinnatifida: Monthly variations and determination of antioxidant activities of fucoidan. Carbohydrate Polymers, 95: 606-14. 2013. (IF 4.811, ERA rank A)

J. LU, B. PONTRE, S. PICKUP, S.Y. CHOONG, M. LI, H. XU, G.D. GAMBLE, A.R.J. PHILLIPS, B.R. COWAN, A.A. YOUNG, G.J.S. COOPER. Treatment with a copper-selective chelator causes substantive improvement in cardiac function of diabetic rats with left-ventricular impairment. Cardiovascular Diabetology, 12: 28. 2013. (IF 4.752)

A. FUNG, N. HAMID, J. LU *. Fucoxanthin content and antioxidant properties of Undaria pinnatifida. Food Chemistry, 136: 1055-62. 2013. (IF 4.529, ERA rank A*).

J. LU. Triethylenetetramine Pharmacology and Its Clinical Applications. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 9: 2458-67. 2010. (IF 5.764, ERA rank A)

J. LU, D. GONG, S.Y. CHOONG, H. XU, Y.K. CHAN, X. CHEN, S. FITZPATRICK, S. GLYN-JONES, S. ZHANG, T. NAKAMURA, K. RUGGIERO, V. OBOLONKIN, S.D. POPPITT, A.R.J. PHILLIPS, G.J.S. COOPER. Copper(II)-selective chelation restores function and antioxidant defences in cardiovascular tissues of diabetic rats: comparisons between triethylenetetramine and three less-selective transition metal-targeted treatments. Diabetologia, 53: 1217-26. 2010. (IF 6.080, ERA rank A*).

D. GONG, J. LU, X. CHEN, S. REDDY, D. CROSSMAN, S. GLYN-JONES, S.Y. CHOONG, J. KENNEDY, B. BARRY, S. ZHANG, Y-K. CHAN, K. RUGGIERO, A.R.J. PHILLIPS, G.J.S. COOPER. A copper(II)-selective chelator ameliorates diabetes-evoked renal fibrosis and albuminuria, and suppresses pathogenic TGF-β activation in the kidneys of rats used as a model of diabetes. Diabetologia, 51: 1741-51. 2008. (IF 6.080, ERA rank A*)

J. LU, Y-K. CHAN, G.D. GAMBLE, S.D. POPPITT, A. OTHMAN, G.J.S. COOPER. Triethylene-tetramine and metabolites: levels in relation to copper and zinc excretion in urine of healthy volunteers and type-2 diabetic patients. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 35: 221-7. 2007. (IF 3.210, ERA rank A)

D. GONG, J. LU, X. CHEN, S.Y. CHOONG, S. ZHANG, Y-K. CHAN, S. GLYN-JONES, G. D. GAMBLE, A.R.J. PHILLIPS, G.J.S. COOPER. Molecular changes evoked by triethylenetetramine treatment in the extracellular matrix of the heart and aorta in diabetic rats. Molecular Pharmacology, 70: 2045-51. 2006. (IF 3.922, ERA rank A*)

F. CHUNG, J. LU, B.D. PALMER, P. KESTELL, P. BROWETT, B.C. BAGULEY, L-M. CHING. Thalidomide pharmacokinetics and metabolite formation in mice, rabbits and multiple myeloma patients. Clinical Cancer Research, 10: 5949-56. 2004 (co-first author). (IF 9.619, ERA rank A)

J. LU, N. HELSBY, B.D. PALMER, M. TINGLE, B.C. BAGULEY, P. KESTELL, L-M. CHING. Metabolism of thalidomide in liver microsomes of mice, rabbits, and humans. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 310: 571-7. 2004. (impact factor 3.867, ERA rank A)

J. LU, B.D. PALMER, P. KESTELL, P. BROWETT, B.C. BAGULEY, G. MULLER, L-M. CHING. Thalidomide metabolites in mice and patients with multiple myeloma. Clinical Cancer Research, 9: 1680-8. 2003. (IF 9.619)

R. M. G. WELLS, J. LU, A. J. R. HICKEY, A. G. JEFFS. Ontogenetic changes in enzyme activities associated with energy production in the spiny lobster, Jasus edwardsii. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part B. 130: 339-47, 2001 (impact factor 1.757)

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Dr. Jun Lu is an Associate Editor of the journal Frontiers in Nutrition and was an editorial board member of the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2008-2012; He is a member of the publication committee of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (governing Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) since 2011.

Dr. Jun Lu is the winner of AUT University Vice-Chancellor's Award in Research Excellence (individual) - Emerging Researcher 2012 (valued at NZ$10,000).

Dr. Jun Lu received a certificate of Appreciation from American Chemical Society Publishing Group for peer reviewing substantial manuscripts submitted to ACS Journals in December 2011.