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Senior Lecturer

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 7321

Email: jill.caldwell@aut.ac.nz

Postal Address:
Department of Physiotherapy, A-11
School of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences
AUT University, Private Bag 92006,
Auckland 1142, New Zealand


Master in Health Science (hons) AUT
Postgraduate diploma in Manipulative Therapy AUT
Postgraduate diploma in sports medicine
Degree in Physiotherapy (Otago)
Diploma in Physiotherapy (AUT)

Memberships and Affiliations:

NZ manipulative physiotherapy Association (NZMPA)

Physiotherapy NZ


Jill graduated from the Auckland School of Physiotherapy in 1992. Following this, she moved to Dunedin to complete further studies in physiotherapy and work as a rotating physiotherapist at Dunedin Hospital. In 1996, she returned to Auckland to complete a postgraduate qualification in manipulative therapy whilst working in a musculoskeletal private practice.

Following this, she became more specialised in sports physiotherapy whilst working within Multidisciplinary Sports Medicine clinics. It was at this time she began touring internationally with the NZ Rowing team. Jill subsequently became the NZ Women’s Hockey team physiotherapist and travelled internationally with the team including attending the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She has also attended the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games and the 2004 Athens Olympics as a health team physiotherapist, where she worked with a variety of sports including cycling, athletics and rowing.  

Whilst continuing to work in a multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic assessing and treating a variety of elite athletes, Jill completed a master’s thesis titled ‘The effects of repetitive motion on lumbar flexion and back muscle activity in rowers’. She presented the results of her thesis and other associated topics at a variety of national and international conferences.

Jill has lectured and been involved in clinical supervision of students since 2003. She teaches musculoskeletal physiotherapy in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at AUT.  She is also involved in the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. She has been involved in the development of the new physiotherapy curriculum, in particular the integration of musculoskeletal physiotherapy throughout the programme. Jill played an integral part in the development of musculoskeletal physiotherapy resources for our students and has a keen interest in the development of interactive digital learning tools.

Over the years, Jill has held a variety of leadership roles within the Department of Physiotherapy and the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, including paper and year leader, and she has been a member of a variety of committees including the Physiotherapy Undergraduate Programme and Exam Board committees, and the Postgraduate Management and Programme Committee. External to AUT, she is on the national executive for the NZ Manipulative Physiotherapy association (NZMPA) and teaches on the NZMPA  continuing education programme for postgraduate physiotherapists.

Teaching Areas:

Physiotherapy undergraduate programme:

Principles of movement and function I (Y2)- lower limb
Principles of movement and function II (Y2) - upper limb
Managing Complexity in the Community Environment (Y3)
Musculoskeletal Disorders: Diagnosis and Rehabilitation (Y3)
Research Project  (Yr 4)

Postgraduate programme:
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy: Assessment and rehabilitation of the elbow and wrist region.
Hand and Upper Limb Therapy

Clinical supervisor:
undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy students in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Post graduate assessor:

Masters level dissertation & thesis 2008 – present

Paper leader Principles of Movement and function 30 point paper PHTY 606         
Programme timetable administrator

Research Areas:

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Movement and development of injury
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury in youth

Research Summary:

With a background in movement analysis I have collaborated with researchers within AUT, and practitioners in the clinical setting where I have  been involved in examining movement patterns in ballet dancers to determine if there is a relationship with injury. Another key focus of my research has been to investigate injuries in children. Of growing concern world wide are children who get injured which impacts their long term health. In collaboration with AUT researchers and practitioners, I have been involved in reviewing current guidelines for rehabilitation following knee surgery in children. The findings of this research showed few guidelines exist that are based on robust research methods, hence further investigation in this area is now warranted to establish exercise guidelines for our children in NZ to prevent injury, and reduce the high economic cost to our society.

Finally, as an educator, the way in which student learn has been another research focus. Based on the findings of a published study I was involved in which looked at students use of video segments to enhance their learning I led the development an electronic resource. The next stage is to evaluate the effect of this.

Current Research Projects:

Investigating the links between activity and injury in youth

Developing an app for Musculoskeletal physiotherapy assessment and treatment of the lower limb & upper limb.


  • Paper presented at the 2001 New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists Biennial Conference, Rotorua titled ‘The effects of repetitive motion on lumbar curvature and muscle activity in rowers’.
  • Paper presented at the 2002 Sports Medicine and Science in New Zealand Conference, Christchurch ‘The effects of repetitive motion on lumbar curvature and muscle activity in rowers’.
  • Paper presented at the 2003 World Physical Therapy Congress, Barcelona, Spain ‘The effects of repetitive motion on lumbar curvature and muscle activity in rowers’. 
  • Paper presented at the 2003 FISA World Rowing coaches conference Athens ‘Low Back pain in rowing’. 
  • Presentation at the 2004 Sports Medicine and Science in New Zealand Conference, Auckland ‘Past and Future of Physiotherapists at Olympic Games’.
  • Caldwell, J., McNair, P. and Williams, M. (2003). The effects of repetitive motion on lumbar flexion and muscle activity in rowers.  Clinical Biomechanics (18) 704-711.
  • O’Brien, D., Caldwell, J. Culav, E. and Clark. H. (2015). Perceived value of online video demonstrations as an adjunction to learning surface anatomy for physiotherapy students. Focus on health professional education: A multi-disciplinary journal (16) 83-85
  • McGowan, J., Reid, A., and Caldwell, J. (2017). Post-operative rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the skeletally immature child: a systematic review of the literature. Physical Therapy Reviews, 22:3-4, 153-168, DOI: 10.1080/10833196.2017.1364541
  • Lee, L., Reid, D., Caldwell, J. and Palmar, P. (2017). Injury Incidence, dance exposure and the use of the movement competency screen (MCS) to identify variables associated with injury in full-time pre-professional dancers. The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy,12(3), 352-370.

Conference proceedings
Lee, L., Reid, D. and Caldwell, J. Injury incidence and the use of the Movement Competency Screening (MCS) to predict injury risk in full time dance students at the New Zealand School of Dance (NZSD): A prospective cohort study’ in In 2015 New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapists Association Biennial Scientific Conference Translating Research into Practice (pp. 19). Christchurch, New Zealand.

E- Learning resource development:
Dynamic Spine App. retrieved from http://itunes.apple.com/ -
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy electronic learning resource for the lower limb –author
Conferences and workshops attended: 
  • NZMPA Biennial Scientific Conference 2017 Rotorua
  • PNZ Conference, Auckland 2016
  • NZMPA Biennial Scientific Conference, Translating Research into Practice Christchurch 2015
  • Alison Grimaldi Understanding tendinopathies, Auckland 2014
  • Alison Grimaldi Ultrasound Work shop, Auckland 2014
  • PNZ Conference 2014NZMPA Biennial Scientific Conference, Piecing the puzzle..Screening, Diagnosis and categorization in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Rotorua 2013
  • Alison Grimaldi Stabilisation of the hip, Auckland 2012

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