Gerbrand van Melle

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Designer, researcher, lecturer

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Gerbrand started his design career in the Netherlands in early nineties with cooperative creative group called AAP. Major clients included SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Utrecht University, National Museum from Musical Clock to Street Organ and music venue Tivoli. Since 1996 he was involved as a senior lecturer in Typography and Motion Graphics at Utrecht School of the Arts, and from 2008-2010 in Typography at Massey University. In 2010 he joined the School of Art and Design at AUT University leading MESH Media. His research domain is defined by Transversal Design, Transmedia Narratives, Chocolate and Honey.

Teaching Areas:

  • Transmedia Narratives
  • Creative workflows
  • Information Design & Navigational Systems

Research Areas:

  • Transmedia Narratives
  • Transmodular design
  • Typography


  • AUT University, AD12 – Auckland, New Zealand. Art direction and graphic design dynamic festival identity: implementation logo and artwork in print and online publications and way finding strategy.
  • The New Zealand Dance Company – Auckland, New Zealand. Typographic animation design of a series of projected introductions for the 2012 Language of Living performances in collaboration with composer John Gibson, set designer Sue Gallagher and costume designer Andreas Mikellis.
  • Utrecht University, Utrecht School of the Arts – Utrecht, The Netherlands. Graphic design academic publication Pioneering Minds Worldwide, On the Entrepreneurial Principles of the Cultural and Creative industries by Giep Hagoort, Aukje Thomassen, Rene Kooyman, ISBN: 978-90-5972-619-2
  • Yield – making fashion without making waste – Wellington, New Zealand. Art direction and graphic design exhibtion identity: logo, spatial information design, brochure design, website design and implementation transmedia concepts.
  • One Night Out, Poster Exhibition by Gerbrand van Melle -  Melling Morse Architects, Wellington, New Zealand. Opened by Prof. Dr. Hagoort, professor Art and Economics at the Utrecht University and the Utrecht School of the Arts. The exhibition was commissioned by Blow Festival, Massey University. The Royal Embassy of The Netherlands contributed to the unique overseas Dutch Design event
  • 18+, Almost two decades of Pop Design for Tivoli by Gerbrand van Melle - an anthology of design work for venue Tivoli, published and launched in November 2007 ISBN/EAN 978-90-9022501-2