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Director of the Textile and Design Laboratory (TDL)

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Frances Joseph is a professor of Art and Design and director of the Textile and Design Laboratory at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) New Zealand. She studied visual art at the University of Tasmania, majoring in sculpture, and worked professionally as an artist and designer for puppetry and large scale public performances. Frances has an MFA from the University of New South Wales and a PhD from Auckland University of Technology. Her research focus on materiality and textility, engages areas of e-textiles, materiality, sustainability and interdisciplinary collaboration. She teaches in areas of design research methodology, material futures, innovation and the history and philosophy of technology. Frances currently supervises Masters and PhD students in the schools of Art and Design, Engineering and  Colab, in both scientific and artistic research projects. In 2006 she co-authored a successful New Zealand Government grant application to establish AUT’s Textile and Design Lab in. She was the lead author in another New Zealand Government funded initiative that led to the formation of Colab, a ‘collaboratory’ for new forms of interdisciplinary engagement in 2008.

Teaching Areas:

  • Postgraduate Supervision
  • Research Methodology
  • Material Futures
  • Transdisciplinary Practice

Research Areas:

  • Materiality and Textility
  • Smart Textiles
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

Research Summary:

My research is concerned with issues of materiality, intra-action, mediation and embodiment through practice-based and phenomenological inquiry. This work has drawn from my background as a sculptor, engaged with materials and structures; a designer for puppetry and public performance working with embodiment and interaction; a producer for public events and theatre, building interdisciplinary teams; and as a designer and creative technologist using new technologies including animatronics, culturally oriented computational ontologies, interactive and digital textile technologies. I am  involved in both theoretical and applied areas of this research, working on functional applications  as well as speculative and artistic projects.

Current Research Projects:

Phenomenal Dress (2018 - current) a collaboration between Frances Joseph, Dr Miranda Smitheram and KareKare beach, exploring concepts of making-with  ecosystem and localized phenomena to develop mediated materials, textile surfaces, forms and affordances  in critical engagement with issues of interconnection, intra-action and ecology.

Material interfaces as  catalysts for learning about technology, craft  and community building (2017 - current), with Dr Donna Cleveland. An inquiry into philosophical approaches,  pedagogicall strategies and impacts of e-textile workshops.

Textiles, Technology and Language ( 2017 - current)

Research outputs:

Featured research outputs

Journal articles

  • Lin, X., Seet, B. -C., Joseph, F., & Li, E. (2018). Flexible Fractal Electromagnetic Bandgap for Millimeter-Wave Wearable Antennas. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 17(7). doi:10.1109/LAWP.2018.2842109

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Creative works

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Book chapters

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Conference contributions

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Edited books/volumes

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Oral presentations

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Other outputs

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