Dr Fiona Hurd

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Senior Lecturer

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 6791

Email: fiona.hurd@aut.ac.nz


  • PhD, University of Waikato
  • Master of Management Studies (First Class Honours), University of Waikato
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (First Class Honours), University of Waikato

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Business & Labour History Group, AUT Work Research Institute – Member
  • Immigration & Inclusion Group, AUT Work Research Institute – Member
  • Gender & Diversity Research Group, AUT – Member
  • Academic Association of Historians in Australian and NZ Business Schools (AAHANZBS) – Member
  • Academy of International Business – Member


Fiona joined AUT as a Lecturer in early 2015.  She currently teaches a range of international business papers at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including International Business Environment, International Business Strategy and Global Organisational Behaviour.  Her doctoral thesis tracked changes in the global and national political economy 1950-2013, the concurrent internationalisation of one of NZs largest companies, and the subsequent impacts on a previously single-industry community.  Her current research interests include outsourcing/offshoring & ethics, the changing nature of work, employment migration and the global spread of technology & innovation.  

Teaching Areas:

  • International Business Environment
  • Contemporary Issues in International Business
  • International Business Strategy
  • Global Organisational Behaviour

Research Areas:

  • Global Changes to Work & Organisation
  • Critical/Sociological Perspectives on International Business
  • Mobility/Migration & Employment
  • Critical Pedagogy

Research Summary:

My major research contributions can be framed within the platform of 'Critical Perspectives on Global Changes to Work, Employment and Organisation', including: the effects of globalisation on small localised community labour markets; understanding of the historical basis of global changes at global, industry and employment levels; the effects of global business models on international workforces; gender and diversity in the context of the global organisation, including migrant workers; and critical management pedagogy. My teaching expertise is broadly in the areas of the International Business Environment, Strategy (IB & Strategic Management) and Critical Management Studies.

Current Research Projects:

  • Ethics in International Outsourcing

    Team Members: Dr Swati Nagar, Dr Fiona Hurd (co-lead)

    This ongoing research project aims to explore the ethical dimension of international outsourcing/offshoring decisions made by MNEs. The first stage of this project was to collate a contextual case from secondary material, which was re-focused as a teaching case on outsourcing in the Cambodian Garment Industry, presented at the Academy of International Business conference in Dubai July 2017. For this project, the team was awarded $3000 of funding from AUTs PRME Movers Fund. The next stage of the project will involve primary research in both Cambodia and New Zealand, to better understand the complexities of working within a model of global outsourcing.

  • Global Employment Mobility:

    This project aims to critically explore the experiences of individuals working within the global division of labour. Specific interest areas include experiences of employment migration, Global Factory and mobility, Global careers

  • Single Industry Towns in the Global Economy:

    Team Members: Dr. Fiona Hurd (lead), Dr. Suzette Dyer

    This research agenda explores issues around the development and decline of towns built around single industries, within changes to the global business context. The initial round of research focused on the New Zealand Forestry and Pulp and Paper industries, documenting development, internationalisation of these industries, and the associated development and decline of the town of Tokoroa.  The current focus of this project is to extend the focus to the coal mining town of Huntly.

  • Gender and Diversity in a Global Context:

    - Matrilineal Leadership

    Team Members: Dinna Teahiu, Dr. Suzette Dyer & Dr. Fiona Hurd

    This project aims to explore the experiences of Papua New Guinean women holding leadership positions in public Sector and multinational organisations. In particular, we explore the impact of matrilineal cultural influence on experiences of leadership.

    - Leadership & Conflict

    Team Members: Julie Hardacker, Dr. Suzette Dyer, Dr. Fiona Hurd & Prof. Mark Harcourt

    This project documents the experiences of 25 top female leaders, with particular attention to their experiences of conflict in the workplace.

  • Teaching and Learning Research:

    Team Members: Dr. Fiona Hurd, Dr. Suzette Dyer (University of Waikato)

    Underpinned by a critical pedagogy, emphasising the transformative potential of the classroom, this ongoing research agenda aims to explore how different teaching and learning techniques support engaged, authentic learning experiences for students.  Previous publications have focused on the use of reflective journaling to support a movement from surface to deep learning, and the use of metaphor and visual exercises in understanding complex phenomena.


Books including textbooks

  1. Dyer, S; Humphries, M, Fitzgibbons, D; Hurd, F. (2014). Understanding Management Critically. Sage https://study.sagepub.com/dyer

    Chapters in books

  2. Dyer, Suzette & Hurd, Fiona (2012). Legislation and Voluntarism: Two Approaches to Achieving EEO outcomes for Women in New Zealand, in Diversity Quotas, Diverse Perspectives: The Case of Gender. Rutledge.

Journal articles

  1. Dyer, Suzette & Hurd, Fiona (forthcoming). Equality as a Threshold Conception: Challenging future manager’s perceptions. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: An International Journal.
  2. Jun, Huijin & Hurd, Fiona (forthcoming). Exploring the Impact of Digital Platforms on SME Internationalisation: New Zealand SMEs use of the Alibaba platform for Chinese market entry. Journal of Asia-Pacific Business.
  3. Hurd, Fiona & Dyer, Suzette (2017). Mutualism beyond the ‘Mutual’: The Collective Development of a New Zealand Single Industry Town Hospital. Labour History.
  4. Hurd, Fiona & Dyer, Suzette (2016). ‘We’re all in this together’? The search for collective belonging in a globalised single industry town. International Journal of Sociology & Social Policy.
  5. Dyer, Suzette & Hurd, Fiona (2016). Changing perceptions about feminists and (still not) claiming a feminist identity. Gender & Education.
  6. Dyer, Suzette & Hurd, Fiona (2015). What’s going on? Developing reflexivity in the management classroom: From surface to deep learning and everything else in between. Academy of Management Journal of Learning & Education  
  7. Hurd, Fiona(2012).Work Innovations: Transformation, micro-emancipations, or discursive shift?. International Journal of Work Innovation.

Reports and conference contributions

  1. Mowatt, S., Hurd, F. and Fraser, A. (2018). Bunnings 2018. Case prepared for Student Development Society National League Case Competition Round 2, AUT 12 May, Auckland.
  2. Hurd, F., Lane, C., & Dyer, S. (2018). ‘Global Careers’ or Displacement within the Global Factory? Vulnerability within a New Zealand single industry town workforce. 6th International Conference on Precarious Work and Vulnerable Workers, Auckland.
  3. Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2017). Perfect storm or serendipity: The decline of coal mining, an oil crisis, ‘Think Big’, and the development of New Zealand’s largest power station. 9th Annual Conference AAHANZBS Conference 2017, Sydney, Australia.
  4. Hurd, F. and Nagar, S. (2017). Bringing the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) into the Australasian International Business Classroom: The Case of the Cambodian Garment Industry. Academy of International Business, Dubai.
  5. Hurd, F. and Dyer, S. (2016). Union Mutuality Beyond the ‘Mutual’: The collective development of a N.Z. Single Industry Town Hospital. AAHANZBS Conference, Sydney.
  6. Hurd, F. & Dyer, S (2015). Documenting Change at the National, Industry, Corporate and Community Level: The Case of a New Zealand Forestry Town 1950-2013. AAHBNZS Conference, Auckland.
  7. Hurd, Fiona, Dyer, Suzette & FitzPatrick, Mary (2012). A ‘beautiful mess’: Risks, realities, and authentic reflexivity. 27th EGOS Colloqium, Gothenburg.
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