Professor Eleanor Holroyd

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Professor of Research

Phone: 09 921 9999 ext 5298


Physical Address:

90 Akoranga Drive
New Zealand

Postal Address:

School of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences
AUT University, Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


PhD Medical Anthropology, Hong Kong University
Master Nursing  Curtin, Australia
Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery Curtin, Australia
Bachelor Applied Science Nursing Curtin, Australia
Diploma of Nursing, NZ ATI

Memberships and Affiliations:

2011-ongoing    Visiting Professor
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies
National University of Singapore
2010    Adjunct Professor
Department of Anthropology
Chinese University of Hong Kong
2008-2010    Visiting Professor
Department of Anthropology
London School of Oriental and African Studies
2006-ongoing    Adjunct
School of Public Health
Chinese University of Hong Kong
2010-2012     Visiting scholar
WHO Collaborating Centre, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery
Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand,
2009-ongoing    Honorary Professoriate Fellow
Key Centre for Study of Gender, Women and Society, Faculty of Population Health, The University of Melbourne
2008-ongoing    Visiting Scholar
Department of Anthropology
Sun Yat Sein University, Guangzhou, China

Teaching Areas:

Qualitative Health Research

Global Health

Public Health

Research Areas:

*    Womens health.
*    Migrant and vulnerable populations
*    Sexual and reproductive health
*    Ethnography, grounded theory, mixed method

Current Research Projects:

Exploring factors influencing career choice among students pursuing courses at aged care post education institutions in Singapore. Education Department Government Tender. S$257,000.

Internet based mental illness prevention programme for African refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Health care and promotion.

Fiji( FNU) and African( Uganda)  based research Sexual Health projects

ASEAN PHD support prince of Songtha  University, Thailand



Holroyd, E. Ethnography unpacked. 2nd Australian Palliative Care Research Colloquim, 7-8th August, Melbourne, Victoria.

Holroyd, E. Place for compassion and emotionalism in Ethnographic research with vulnerable populations. 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Qualitative Research in Nursing, Midwifery and Health, 14-20th October, Newcastle, Australia.

Holroyd, E. Writing for publication  International Academy of Nurse Editors Dialogue and Directions for Nurse Scholarship and Publication, 11-13th August, Queensland, Australia,

Holroyd, E. Gender and health: Healthy people for a Healthy World. East Asian Forum. WHO Centre, Mahidol University, 24–28th June Bangkok, Thailand.


Past Five Years Only

  1. Msoka, A. C., Pallangyo, E. S., Brownie, S., & Holroyd, E. (2019). My husband will love me more if I give birth to more children: Rural women’s perceptions and beliefs on family planning services utilization in a low resource setting.  International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences. DOI:
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2013  - Vice Chancellors Teaching Award In Indigenous Education 28th November, 2013, RMIT l