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Research Developer

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  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice, University of Auckland
  • PhD – Economics, University of Queensland, Australia
  • MCom (Hons) – Economics, University of Auckland
  • BApplEcon - International Economics, Massey University

Memberships and Affiliations:


Mary has over twenty years’ experience in academia after numerous private sector roles.  She brings to the New Zealand Work Research Institute (NZWRI) a wealth of experience working collaboratively with academia, industry, government and community agencies.  Her focus is on translational research and managing multi-disciplinary projects to achieve practical outcomes, meeting the needs of the diverse interest groups involved.  As Research Developer for NZWRI she focusses on writing funding applications, managing project logistics and co-ordinating stakeholder communications.  She is a Life Member of the New Zealand Association of Economists, Associate Editor of the Australasian Journal of Economics Education and has served on various school Boards of Trustees and other committees.

Teaching Areas:

  • Introductory Economics Courses at Certificate, Diploma, first year and MBA (all include both micro and macro economics).
  • Intermediate and Advanced Microeconomics and Business Economics
  • Advanced International Business and Contemporary Issues of International Business
  • Product Development and Regulatory Environment in the Masters of BioScience Enterprise
  • Graduate Diploma in Economic Development

Research Areas:

  • Primary: Economics of Education and Health Economics
  • Secondary: Psychological/Behavioural Economics and Research Methods

Research Summary:

Mary is a behavioural economist with expertise in multivariate analysis and analysing diverse social/behavioural data.  Her primary interest is in the economics of education at both the micro- and macro-economic level.  At the micro-level this includes decision theory and transitioning individuals to better life opportunities.  At the macro-level this includes the role education plays in improving equity.  Given that many of these transitions have their roots in early life this has lead me to looking at longitudinal cohort data and the close links between health, education and employment.

Current Research Projects:

  • World Internet Project New Zealand
  • SUPERU/GUINZ external data access research projects


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  • Awarded Life Membership to the New Zealand Association of Economists.
  • Guest Editor, New Zealand Economic paper Special Issue, “Innovation in teaching undergraduate economics” Publication date: December 2013.
  • Council Member, Vice-President then President of New Zealand Association of Economists (NZAE) (elected positions)
  • Australian Federal PhD scholarship
  • University of Auckland Masters Scholarship
  • Scholarship to Australasian PhD Forum, Australian National University, Canberra
  • Massey University Scholar
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