Dr Rothman Kam

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Lecturer in Food Technology

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 7620

Email: rothman.kam@aut.ac.nz


BE(Hons) in Chemical and Materials Engineering (University of Auckland)
PhD in Chemical Engineering (Monash University)

Memberships and Affiliations:

Member of the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology

Member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology

Member of the AUT Research Centre for Food Science 



Rothman has recently joined AUT as a lecturer in Food Technology in the Applied Sciences Department. Before this, he held the same position at Massey University (Albany) for three years, mainly focusing on teaching food process engineering.

Rothman completed his Chemical Engineering Ph.D. at Monash University (Melbourne) and his undergraduate studies in the same field at the University of Auckland. His research interests have been focusing on the aspects of food processing systems in order to increase product yield and minimising wastage. He has been actively involved with research in areas of: 1) Thermal and non-thermal food processing; 2) Converting food waste to higher value products; 3) Optimisation of existing food processing systems; and 4) Catalytic conversion of methane to syngas.

Teaching Areas:

Food Process Engineering

Food Technology

Food Industry Legislation

Research Areas:

Food Technology
Unit Operations (troubleshooting)
Food Process Engineering
Waste Utilisation
Brewing and Fermentation

Research Summary:

I have THREE main research interests. Firstly, I have been focusing on increasing product yield and minimising waste generation in food processing systems. This entails collaborating with New Zealand food industries to help troubleshoot and improve their processing efficiencies. Secondly, I am actively involved with research in converting food wastes into higher value products. In particular, the conversion of food wastes into functional food ingredients, food preservatives and biomedical components. The ultimate aim is to revolutionise the environmental problems associated with waste disposal. The third interest which also happens to be my passion is researching into brewing and fermentation of alcoholic beverages. I like to understand how different processing techniques could improve and influence the sensory attributes in alcoholic drinks.  

Current Research Projects:

Will update this section soon.



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Conference Proceeding

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