Dr Shahper Richter


Email: svodanov@aut.ac.nz


May 2014 - Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems, the University of
Thesis explored the understanding and impact of the Internet on the well being and development of digital natives. Thesis co supervised by Associate Professor David Sundaram and Professor Michael Myers.

September 2009 - SAP BPERP Certification.

September 2008 - Master of Commerce in Information Systems (First Class Hon-ours), the University of Auckland.
Thesis investigated the use of and engagement with ICTs by women in the UAE supervised by Professor Cathy Urquhart.

September 2007 - Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems (First Class Hon-ours), the University of Auckland.

March 2005 - Bachelor of Arts in History, the University of Auckland.

March 2005 - Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems, the University of Auck-land.

Teaching Areas:

Enterprise Systems

IT Service Management

IT Governance

IT Research Methods

Systems Analysis and Design

Introduction to Business Computing

Research Summary:

 Possible Topics for Potential PhD students:

 - What is the impact of Social Media/Networks on Digital Natives?

- How can we use MMORPGs like World of Warcraft to foster positive youth well-being? 

-  How do online gamers construct their virtual identities? How does it relate to their offline identities?

- How do online gamers form and maintain relationships online/offline? 

- Why are there so few women in STEM?

- Is Technology Gendered?

- How can we use gaming culture to attract more women in to STEM?

 - How do Indigenous people use technology to preserve, promote and teach their history and culture?

- Has communication between tribe members or members of different indigenous groups changed due to technology? How? 

- How can we use technology to help with Language Revitalisation? 

My primary research interest lies in the exploration and explanation of the use and impact of Ubiquitous Technologies by various segments of society. This includes projects New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.

Currently I am part of research projects on Role Playing Games including MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Game Development, Audio Games, Women in IT, Enterprise use of Social Media, Digital Natives and Language Revitalisation.



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In Progress

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