Dr Alastair Wells

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Senior Lecturer

Phone: 021 211 2572

Email: Alastair.wells@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:
1/33 Kay Drive
Blockhouse Bay
Auckland 0600

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Association for Learning Environments

Research Areas:

future focused teaching & learning, design, creativity, innovative pedagogies, technology, cognition, educational psychology, educational environments. 

Research Summary:

Alastair’s research critically examined notions of space, power and agency as implicated in the development of modern learning environments designed for the implementation of 21st century teaching and learning. The study drew on theoretical and empirical inquiry into two kinds of practice, namely practices of designing environments for twenty-first century learning, and practices of teaching for learning within these environments. It brought into view three significant concerns, discursive spaces, non-discursive spaces, and spatial ontology as a theoretical mechanism for engaging with the empirical findings gathered from designers and occupiers of the new learning environments. This analysis demonstrated that there are multiple agencies and spatial representations that exist but are hidden from casual observation. By carefully attending to the multiple accounts of those users of new learning spaces through several theoretical lenses, it becomes evident the ways they take advantage of opportunities to make new spatial meanings. This research has revealed the potential for the reordering of spatial codes embedded in relations of space, power and practice in educational environments and reveals new understandings about engaging with spatial design and teaching and learning practices.

Current Research Projects:

Co-constructed learning spaces in a virtual environment.


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Outstanding Teaching Award – University of Auckland, Faculty of Education
Wolf Fisher Scholarship – Wolf Fisher
Excellence in innovation – University of Auckland, Faculty of Education
Excellence in collaboration - – University of Auckland, Faculty of Education

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