Dr Noke Pornchanoke Tipgomut

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Phone: +64 9 921 9999 – ext: 7126

Email: pornchanoke.tipgomut@aut.ac.nz


  • PhD in Marketing – Massey University, NZ
  • MSc in Marketing – University of East Anglia, UK
  • BBA in International Business Management and Marketing – Assumption University, Thailand

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Marketing Science
  • NZ Asian Leaders


Dr Noke Pornchanoke Tipgomut has more than 10 years of educating and practical business experience in the marketing field. She was involved in many consultancy projects at the government level in Thailand. Her areas of expertise are Consumer Behaviour, Advertising and Marketing Research. Her strong positive attitude, resourceful knowledge and analytical skills, add value to students’ academic development.

Teaching Areas:

  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Advertising

Research Areas:

  • Consumer reactions to human advertising models
  • QCA (Qualitative Comparative Analysis)
  • Latent class and analysis

Current Research Projects:

  • Tipgomut, P., McNaught, A., & Paas, L.J., “Asian Beauty Types and Advertising Effectiveness,” Target: Journal of Advertising.
  • Tipgomut, P., Paas, L.J., & McNaught, A., “Female consumer reaction to cosmetic surgery beauty in advertisements,” Target: Marketing Letters.
  • De Villiers, R., Tipgomut, P., & Hess, A.C., “Innovation in business research methods-to-theory: The adoption journey of QCA in the peer-reviewed marketing literature,” Target: Journal of Business Research.
  • Wu, H.-H., Tipgomut, P., Chung, H.F.L., & Chu, W.-K., “The Mechanism of Positive Emotions Linking Consumer Review Consistency to Brand Attitudes: A Moderated Mediation Analysis,” Target: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics.
  • Hess, A.C., Tipgomut, P., & De Villiers, R., “A New Sport Spectator Typology: An Examination of TV and Live Sports Spectators Motivations, and Game (-related) attributes,” Target: Sport Management Review.
  • Tipgomut, P., Paas, L.J., & McNaught, A., “Media said she has undergone cosmetic surgery: How information on media publication about female models Influences consumer reactions towards advertisements portraying those models,” work-in-progress.


  • De Villiers, R., & Tipgomut, P. (2018), “Reviewing the Marketing Theory Adoption Journey for Studies Using QCA as a Methodological Approach: Insights, gaps and agenda for future research”, Australasian Marketing Journal, 26(4), 317-337.
  • De Villiers, R., Tipgomut, P., & Hess, A.C. (2019), “Innovation in Business Research Methodologies: The Adoption journey of QCA in Peer-reviewed Marketing Literature,” Proceedings of the INEKA Conference, Verona, Italy (11-13 June 2019).
  • Tipgomut, P., Paas, L.J., & McNaught, A. (2017), “Cosmetic Surgery Beauty in Advertisements: Reactions of Female Consumers to Female Advertising Models Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Surgery,” Proceedings of the 39th Marketing Science Annual Conference, Los Angeles, California.
  • Tipgomut, P., Paas, L.J., & McNaught, A. (2015), “Beauty from Cosmetic Surgery: How Consumers React towards Ads Portraying Models Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Surgery,” Proceedings of the Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) 2015 Doctoral Colloquium, the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (28-29 November 2015).


  • 2018 – Lecturer of the Year Nomination – Albany Students’ Association, Massey University
  • 2018 – Research Dissemination Grant, Massey University
  • 2017 – Completion Bursary Scholarship, Massey University
  • 2017 – Research Support Scholarship, Massey University
  • 2017 – PhD Nominee, Massey University, ISMS Marketing Science Conference
  • 2014 – Scholarly Excellence in Research Methods in Marketing, Massey University
  • 2010 – International Student Scholarship, University of East Anglia
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