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Christopher Whitehead is a Lecturer in Law who teaches and researches the law of the English- and French-speaking worlds (particularly as it relates to the financial services) and the Pacific. Before joining AUT Law School, he practised for 10 years in Paris, France, as legal counsel to a French banking group and then to a United States insurance group. In these roles, he advised on the law of several countries (including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom) as it applied to his employers’ business — on questions of insurance law, as well as banking and general business law. More recently, he worked in Montreal, Canada, as a data-protection consultant for a Japanese conglomerate. Also, from 2001 to 2004, Christopher worked at AUT as a Lecturer in French.

Research interests:

Christopher’s research interests include the following:
- business law;
- private law;
- financial-services law, namely insurance, banking, and finance law;
- comparative law, in particular the legal traditions of Aotearoa New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and the indigenous peoples of the Pacific;
- feminist jurisprudence;
- legal education, in particular the question of how the legal academy deals with the relationship between the theory and practice of law;
- legal research, in particular the question of why the legal academy researches the substantive topics that it researches and uses the formal approaches that it uses; and
- the humanities and social sciences as applied to law, particularly linguistics and translation.

Teaching summary:

Christopher teaches Insurance Law and Personal Property.

Research outputs:

Journal articles

  • Tepper, E., & Whitehead, C. (2018). Moon, Inc.: The New Zealand model of granting legal personality to natural resources applied to space. New Space, 6(4), 288-298. doi:10.1089/space.2018.0025

  • Whitehead, C. (2017). Privacy and Insurance in Canada, England, and France: How Does the Responsible Insurer ‘Put Guidelines and Procedures in Place for Retaining and Destroying Personal Information’?. Canadian Journal of Law and Technology, 15(1).

  • Szczepaniak, L., & Whitehead, C. (2013). Pre-existing Conditions. Miesięcznik Ubezpieczeniowy (≈ Insurance Monthly), 10(10), 13.

Conference contributions

  • Whitehead, C. (2020). Respecting and defending both Te Urewera and the Māori legal tradition. In Private Rights for Nature (Virtual Conference). University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam: Laura Burgers. Retrieved from

Other outputs

  • Dasgupta, U., & Whitehead, C. (2019). Preface. In Quebec Journal of International Law (pp. 1-10). Presses de l'Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

  • Dasgupta, U., & Whitehead, C. (2019). Preface [to the volume "Governing our commons: What matters to us today"]. In Quebec Journal of International Law (Vol. Special issue, pp. 1-11).

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