Yuanyuan (Gina) Cui

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PhD Scholar

Email: yuanyuan.cui@aut.ac.nz


  • Bbus (First Class Hons, Marketing)
  • Bbus (Marketing and Economics)

Research Areas:

  • Consumer decision-making
  • Consumer preferences and choices
  • Priming effect

Research Summary:

During the completion of her dissertation regarding consumer decision-making in social commerce, Yuanyuan (Gina) has discovered her interests in consumer decision-making, choices and preferences. Especially, she is interested in consumers’ choice- and preference-changes after being “nudged”, such that consumers’ behaviors could be affected substantially in a predictable way without forbidding any options, or changing any actual economic utility. Her research interests in PhD center on specifically how an ostensibly irrelevant prior experience could alter consumers’ choices in various domains, such as morality, food consumption and risk preferences. Yuanyuan is a Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship awardee.


Cui, Y., Errmann, A., Kim, J., Seo, Y., Xu, Y., and Zhao, F. (forthcoming), Moral effects of physical cleansing and pro-environmental hotel choices. Journal of Travel Research, forthcoming.

Kim, J., Kim, S., Lee, J. S., Kim, P. B., & Cui, Y. (forthcoming). Influence of choice architecture on the preference for a pro-environmental hotel. Journal of Travel Research, forthcoming.

Kim, J., Cui, Y. G., Jang, S., Spence, M. T., & Park, J. (2019). Response to Thoemmes and Lemmer (2019) regarding mediation analysis revisited. Australasian Marketing Journal, 27, 126-128. (B in ABDC list)