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Phone: +64 9 921 9999 – ext: 8951

Email: lisa.maurice-takerei@aut.ac.nz


  • EdD, MEd (Hons), BA (Auck), Dip Tchg (Cant), CTEFLA

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • AVETRA – Australiasian Vocational Education and Training Association
  • NZARE – New Zealand Association of Researchers in Education


My career in education spans more than 35 years. I have worked across a range of teaching and learning environments within the compulsory and post-compulsory sectors including community and adult education, secondary teaching, vocational and technical education and in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervision. My work has covered a range of roles including practitioner, advisor, supervisor, manager, writer and researcher. What remains a constant throughout is a deep interest in and commitment to teaching and learning as an opportunity for transformation. In particular I have a strong interest in learning and teaching which promotes equitable outcomes and as an opportunity for agency and creativity.

Recent research and writing explores the challenges of tertiary teaching and I edited and co-wrote a text book on adult and tertiary teaching (Designs for Learning. Teaching in Adult, Tertiary and Vocational Education, Dunmore Publishing, 2016). Other publications include an e-publication of a whakapapa or history of vocational education in New Zealand.

The main premise of my work is the importance of valuing and recognising the existing pedagogical knowledge of educational workers embedded in their own disciplines. There is a call for the professionalization of tertiary and vocational teaching through education and a recognition of the complexities, disciplinary differences and expertise of disciplinary based educators.

Teaching Areas:

    Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching
    Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education

Research Areas:

  • Practitioner research approaches
  • Signature pedagogies and disciplinary approaches to teaching
  • Teacher identity
  • Technical and vocational education

Research Summary:

My research interests are related to tertiary teaching and learning specifically as associated with teacher agency, innovative practice and teacher creativity. In particular I have interests in teaching approaches associated with disciplinary ways of thinking, doing and being. Recent research projects include learning space design and practitioner research. Critical ethnographic research approaches form the basis of methodologies that I am interested in including artistic approaches to data gathering and analysis.

Current Research Projects:

  • Practitioner research
  • Critical teaching approaches

Supervised Research Theses

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Lisa Maurice-Takerei as Principal Supervisor

  • Grove, Lynne (2018) School-leaver work readiness: the perspectives of students, educators and employers in a rural New Zealand setting (Master of Applied Practice)
  • Briggs, Lauren (2018) Creating a professional learning group: An inquiry into professional learning for secondary teachers (Master of Applied Practice)
  • Corkill, Jenny (2018) Implementing digital technologies in one New Zealand school: Challenges and opportunities (Master of Applied Practice)
  • Liuasomua, Matalevai (2018) Experiences of a Learning Advisory Initiative: A Practitioner Research Project in a South Auckland College
  • Digweed, Alison (2018). Action for e-learning in the classroom : a small study on a professional development initiative (Master of Applied Practice).
  • O'Donnell, Frances (2018-01-28). Teachers in change : an evaluation of the implementation of collaborative teaching in a New Zealand year 7-13 school (Master of Applied Practice)
  • Wright, Martin (2015). Secondary teacher experiences of professional development : a focus on sustained application to practice (Master of Educational Leadership and Management)


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Peer reviewed conference abstracts conference presentations

  • Maurice-Takerei, L. (2017 October) Designs for Learning: A pedagogical space for tertiary and vocational teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand. Presented at Spaces and Pedagogies, New Zealand National Learning and Teaching Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 2-3 October, 2017.
  • Maurice-Takerei,L & Anderson, L. (2017 April). VET teaching. Realising Potential. Paper presented at Renovate or Rebuild? Exploring the Architecture of VET, the Australiasian Vocational Education and Training Research Conference. Melbourne, Australia 18-20 April 2017
  • Maurice-Takerei L. (2016 August) Harnessing potential. Trade educators and the transformation of a workforce. Paper presented at International Vocational Education and Training Association, IVETA World TVET Conference, Nasinu, Fiji
  • Maurice-Takerei, L. (October, 2015) Changing identities in Vocational Education. Vocational Education and Training Research forum 2015, Plenary Panel - Wellington 20-21 October 2015
  • Maurice-Takerei, L. (November 2015). The bricoleur, the engineer and the kaitiaki. Reconceptualising the work of trade and vocational tutors. Te Toroa Titiro Tawhiti/Emancipation through Education, New Zealand Association for Research in Education Conference, 2015. Whakatane, 17-18 Novemberhttp://www.nzare.org.nz/portals/306/images/Files/COMBINED_finalforweb.pdf
  • Maurice-Takerei, L. (December, 2014). Innovating within the Maelstrom: Trade tutors, foundation education and the challenge of identity. Challenges and Innovations. FABENZ Conference, Tauranga, Dec 4-5th Dec http://www.eenz.com/fabenz14/fabenz14_prog+chairpersons.htm

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