Ella Henry

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Associate Professor & Director of Maori Adv

Email: ella.henry@aut.ac.nz

ORCID: ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4080-8824


  • PhD, Māori Entrepreneurship, Auckland University of Technology
  • Master of Philosophy, Management & Employment Relations, University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology & Māori Studies, University of Auckland


Iwi Affiliation: Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa, Ngāti Kuri, Te Rārawa

Biography: Ella has a background across multiple disciplines including sociology, business and Māori Indigenous development. She has been actively involved in research, teaching and advocacy for Māori media for over twenty years. Ella was a Treaty Negotiator for her Iwi, Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa, and has been involved with the Post-Settlement Governance Entity, as Trustee and Chair, until her appointment as Director of Māori Advancement for the Business School.

Research interests:

Māori entrepreneurship, Māori leadership and decision-making, Māori and housing, Māori Indigenous research methodology and methods, Māori Indigenous networks and networking, Māori media

Teaching summary:

Mater of Management: Management of Organisation & People
Bachelor of Business: Entrepreneurship

Fields of research:

  • Maori Information and Knowledge Systems
  • Studies of Maori Society
  • Maori Cultural Studies
  • Maori History

Research outputs:


  • Verbos, A. K., Henry, E., & Peredo, A. M. (2017). Business's effects on Indigenous aspirations and rights: An introduction. doi:10.4324/9781351270182

  • Verbos, A., Henry, E., & Peredo, A. M. (2017). Indigenous aspirations and rights: The case for responsible business and management. Oxford, England & New York, USA: (Greenleaf Publishing) Routledge.

  • Henry, E., & Wikaire, M. (2013). The brown book: Maori in screen production. Auckland: Ngā Aho Whakaari.

Journal articles

  • Spiller, C., Wolfgramm, R. M., Henry, E., & Pouwhare, R. (2019). Paradigm warriors: Advancing a radical ecosystems view of collective leadership from an Indigenous Māori perspective. Human Relations. doi:10.1177/0018726719893753

  • Wolfgramm, R., Spiller, C., Henry, E., & Pouwhare, R. (2019). A culturally derived framework of values-driven transformation in Māori economies of well-being (Ngā hono ōhanga oranga). AlterNative. doi:10.1177/1177180119885663

  • Henry, E., Spiller, C., & Newth, J. (2018). Emancipatory Indigenous social innovation: Shifting power through culture and technology. Journal of Management and Organization, 23(6), 786-802. doi:10.1017/jmo.2017.64

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Creative works

  • Henry, E. (2011). Wairua Auaha: Emancipatory Maori entrepreneurship in screen production (No. Of Pieces: 00.56.00) [Artefact]. Auckland, NZ: Te Ara Poutama, AUT University.

  • Henry, E. (2010). Na Te Whatu Maori: Through the eye of the Maori (Reversion) (No. Of Pieces: 00.10.30) [Artefact]. AUT: Te Ara Poutama.

  • Henry, E. (2008). Kowhiri ‘08, writing and acting in the Mana Wahine Party (No. Of Pieces: ) [Artefact]. .

Book chapters

  • Henry, E., & Foley, D. (2018). Indigenous research: Ontologies, axiologies, epistemologies and methodologies. In R. Bendl, L. A. E. Booysen, & J. K. Pringle (Eds.), Handbook of research methods in diversity management, equality and inclusion at work (pp. 212-227). Edward Elgar.

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Conference contributions

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Oral presentations

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Other outputs

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