Catherine Xin

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PhD Student



  • Master of Business, Auckland University of Technology, Business Information Systems.
  • Bachelor of Business and Information Management, The University of Auckland.

Research Areas:

Internet use and Wellbeing; Technology adoption

Research Summary:

Thesis title

Online and offline social interactions and the effects on social wellbeing of adolescents

A brief introduction to the PhD research

Social media technologies have significantly changed how and when people connect with others. Statistics have shown that adolescents today are spending abundant time on social media. It raises the awareness of the impacts of these technologies on the development of adolescents, particularly social wellbeing. Hamilton and Redmond (2010) suggest that poor social wellbeing predicts a range of negative outcomes such as anti-social behaviour or depression in adolescence. Conversely, a healthy social wellbeing may help prevent behavioural and mental health problems in adolescence (Michaelson et. al., 2009) and contribute to their overall wellbeing. Therefore, it is important to study the social wellbeing of adolescents. This research examines social wellbeing of adolescents by looking into adolescents with different levels of social needs, and the quality of affective experiences of both online and offline social interactions.

Research Supervisors

  • Associate Professor Angsana Techatassanasoontorn (AUT)
  • Associate Professor Antonio Díaz Andrade (AUT)