Dr Chris Jenkin

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Faculty of Culture and Society, AUTEC Faculty Rep; Senior Lecturer

Phone: + 64 9 921 9999 ext 7911

Email: chris.jenkin@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:

North Campus:
AR303, School of Education, AUT North Shore Campus
90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote
Auckland 0627.

City Campus:
WT1606, Faculty of Culture and Society Office,
AUT Tower.

Postal Address:

School of Education, AUT North Shore Campus
Private Bag 92006, Auckland 1142.


  • PhD - Auckland University of Technology, 2010.
  • MA (Hons), Anthropology - University of Auckland, 1993.
  • Grad Cert in Research & Analysis - Auckland University of Technology, 2002.
  • DipTchg (ECE), 1992.
  • DipTchg (Primary), 1968
  • NZ Playcentre Federation Certificate.

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Women on Campus (AUT University)
  • New Zealand Association Research in Education
  • OMEP (past Auckland chapter president and committee member).


Chris has a BA in anthropology and history and she majored in anthropology for her Master's degree. She is the Faculty Representative on the AUT Ethics Committee (AUTEC). Chris is responsible for pastoral and academic support for postgraduate students in the School of Education.

Chris has been involved in education (early childhood and primary) for more than 45 years, with particular interests in bicultural development, family and society and equity issues, with a focus on Aotearoa/New Zealand. Chris is currently researching the bicultural aspects of the early childhood curriculum the ethics of practitioner research and racism.

She is also investigating academic support for international postgraduate students. Her particular methodological approaches are action research and appreciative inquiry. Her interests include bicultural development, family and society issues, research (including ethics), leadership, gender and equity issues, and teaching and learning with tertiary students.

Teaching Areas:

  • Research approaches
  • Society and Culture
  • Diversity.

Research Areas:

  • Postgraduate International Students
  • The early childhood bicultural curriculum
  • Supervision of postgraduate students
  • Bicultural development, equity, tertiary students,
  • Ethics
  • Racism

Research Summary:

The research that interests Chris cover in a wide variety of issues in education, such as such as equity, ethics and the early childhood curriculum, especially the New Zealand National curriculum Te Whāriki (Ministry of Education, 1996, 2017).

She is also researching postgraduate international postgraduate students and what benefits they bring to their institutions and the challenges they face. A further interest is research ethics. Overarching these interests is the place of culture and gender in research. Chris has experience in qualitative research, especially appreciative inquiry, and action research as methodological approaches.

Current Research Projects:

Ethics of practitioner research in education

Dr Chris Jenkin is currently researching ethical issues around practitioner research such as self-review, action research, and appreciative inquiry. The main consideration is the ethical issues with insider research. With practitioner research these ethical issues focus mainly around confidentiality, and possible unequal power relations.

Other projects:

  • Challenges faced by postgraduate international students
  • Te Whāriki, early childhood curriculum

Completed supervisions


  • Helena Mill, The impact of technology and collaborative learning spaces on learning design and teaching practice in the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies.
  • Jasmin Jattan Mainstream early childhood teachers and their understandings of Pacific Education 2016
  • Rachel Holder, Implementing te reo Māori in mainstream early childhood centres. 2016
  • Fa'atamali'i Kesi, Sailitofa Samoan-born teachers' perspectives of ICT in Aoga Amata, 2015.
  • Christine Ball, The richness diversity brings: Diverse languages and literacies in early childhood education, 2012.
  • Dado Dalosa, The role of leadership in the experiences of Asian international students' hospitality studies, 2014.
  • Rosemarie Penn, Manumalu: A study of factors which facilitate success for New Zealand-born Samoan students at university, 2010.
  • Hilary Alach, Why have pets in an early childhood centre? An exploratory study into the reasons for having pets in an early childhood centre, 2002.


  • Amrit Kaur, Cultural Adjustment in the Experiences of Immigrant Teachers
  • Tahera Afrin, Cultural components of early childhood teacher education programmes: Reflection for lecturers.

Current supervision


  • Jan Beatson, How does the natural environment provide a context for children’s language development?
  • Sunny Song, The Challenges and Benefits of Maintaining ECE Children’s Home Languages in New Zealand


  • Kevin Zhong, Family involvement in school transition: Chinese migrant families’ experiences of children transitioning from early childhood education to primary school in New Zealand. (second supervisor).


  • Jenkin, C. (2017). Early childhood education and biculturalism: Definitions and implications. New Zealand Journal of Teachers’'Work 14(1) 8–20 teachworkojs.aut.ac.nz/
  • Jenkin, C. J. (2017). Is Te Whāriki a curriculum or a philosophy and does it matter? Journal of NZ Research in Early Childhood Education, 20(1), 1–16. Retrieved from childforum.com/research/nz-international-early-childhood-education-journal-2017
  • Jenkin, C. J. (2016). Investigation of teacher education delivery of bicultural education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 41(6). ro.ecu.edu.au/ajte/vol41/iss6/10
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  • Jenkin, C., (2013). Introduction. In C. Jenkin (Ed.), Ngā reo mō te tika: Voices for equity: Papers from EOPHEA Conference 2011. View papers.
  • Jenkin, C & Clark, J. (2013). Rapporteurs' report: Towards equity through initial teacher education. Waikato Journal of Education 18 (1) 67-70
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  • 2016 Domestic Conference Grant
  • 2016 Faculty Publication Grant
  • 2015 VC's Award for Teaching Excellence (Highly Commended)
  • 2014 Overseas Conference Grant
  • 2014 Domestic Conference Grant
  • 2012 Faculty Publication Grant
  • 2011 Faculty Publication Grant
  • 2011 Faculty Overseas Conference Grant
  • 2010 Faculty Overseas Conference Grant
  • 2009 Vice Chancellors Award for completion of doctoral studies
  • Life Member of Auckland Playcentre Association.
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