Dr Brent Seale

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Lecturer/Programme Leader

Phone: 09-921-9999 ext 8717

Email: bseale@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:
School of Applied Sciences
Auckland University of Technology
34 St Paul Street
Auckland 1010


BSc Hons (University of Otago)

PhD (University of Otago) 


Food safety through the prevention of foodborne illness is an ever-growing public health concern. The presence of bacterial biofilms within food processing environments can be a serious threat to food safety of a product. Once established, a biofilm is difficult to remove and can be a reservoir for further contamination of a product. Therefore my research focuses on the development of methods to prevent or remove biofilms from processing plant surfaces. I also have an interest in the development of rapid identification and genotyping techniques in order to track and trace problematic isolates within food processing environments. Finally, I have a keen interest in extremophilic bacteria, or those that persist and grow in adverse conditions found in either food or elsewhere in nature. 

Teaching Areas:

Food Microbiology

Research Areas:

Understanding biofilm formation and development of novel methods for prevention.

Prevention of bacterial spores in food.

Development of molecular techniques to rapidly identify or genotype different species of bacteria.

Understanding how extremophiles survive adverse environments.