Dr Barbara Myers

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Senior Research Lecturer

Phone: + 64 9 921 9999 ext 5366

Email: Barbara.myers@aut.ac.nz


  • PhD in Management (Auckland University of Technology)
  • Master of Commerce (University of Auckland)
  • B.C.A. (Victoria University)
  • B.A. (Canterbury University)
  • Dip Teaching (Distinction, Christchurch Secondary Teachers College)
  • Licentiate of Trinity College


Barbara has an extensive career leading undergraduate and postgraduate courses for AUT’s Department of Management. Having been with the organisation for over 24 years she has held roles including Associate Dean Academic, Head of Department and Senior Lecturer.

Barbara’s lecturing and research philosophy centres on narrative storytelling techniques, and she has incorporated this not only into her PhD, but also into her classes, including those on the MBA course. Barbara believes there is real value in personal and organisational story telling to support wider business and commercial strategy, incorporating history and change into the way we look at a changing world of work.

Barbara’s main research interests include self-initiated expatriation, older workers, ageing, gender and diversity, and career and life development. Barbara completed her PhD in 2016 and in this thesis she explored the emergence of a new research phenomenon of older New Zealand women undertaking extended periods of travel and work overseas. Through this research Barbara identified a trend for ‘rewirement as the new retirement’, especially in relation to the lives of women and their changing view on what becoming ‘older’ means and the possibilities and opportunities for how older people might live their lives.

Barbara’s engagement roles include working as a narrative writer with hospice patients who would like to create a record of their life, ensuring their perspective, feelings and experiences are represented in a way that is true to them. Barbara has also been recently involved with other University community based projects such as Common Purpose and “Wāhine Kākano” (Young Women’s Festival). 

Teaching Areas:

Expertise in Degree and Postgraduate Teaching
  • Human resource management and development
  • International human resource management
  • Careers
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Workplace Learning
  • General management

Research Areas:

  • Careers
  • Older workers
  • Gendered experiences of work and advancement
  • Expatriation
  • Diversity
  • Meaningful work and lives
  • Qualitative and critical approaches to research

Current Research Projects:

  • Sustainable Careers
  • Self-initiated expatriation
  • Leadership Development
  • Older women, careers and work
  • Personal and professional transition and change
  • New meanings of retirement


A sample of published journal articles

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A sample of conference papers and presentations.

  1. Myers, B., Doherty, N. & Thorn. K. (2017). Self-initiated expatriation and older women: Composing a Further Life. Paper presented at European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) 2017.  Sub-theme 60.  Sustainable Careers.
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