Professor Trish Corner

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Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 - ext: 5415



  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Strategic Management, Arizona State University
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Minnesota
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Virginia


Dr. Trish Corner is the Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Business. She provides a leadership for the faculty through her role as PBRF coordinator for the management discipline (2011-2012) and also as Research Leader for the Management Department. As research leader she oversees administrative processes around research for a department of over 40 staff; including promotion, performance reviews, and annual individual development plans for staff. She  also provides leadership in curriculum as seen in her current development of an Entrepreneurship major for the Faculty of Business. She continues to oversee research in her areas of specialization, supervise graduate students, and serve on the management team of the AUT Venture Fund. Her discipline-based research interests lie at the intersection of the entrepreneurship and strategy discipline with a special interest in social entrepreneurship and management spirituality. She also serves as a trustee for the Yoga Education in Prisons Trust, a charitable trust working to rehabilitate prisoners through the well proven practices of yoga.

She has authored 40 internationally refereed publications, including articles in Organization Science, Entrepreneurship, Theory, and Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of the Operations Research Society, Interfaces, International Small Business Journal, and the Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management. She has a further research interest in management pedagogy as evidenced by her publications in the  Journal of Management Education.

Dr. Corner is an American born and trained academic. She has held positions at the University of Wyoming and Arizona State University in the US before accepting a position at the University of Waikato in New Zealand in 1992. As a doctoral student in the US, her academic excellence was recognized through induction into two honorary fraternities: Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi. She also was the recipient of the 2001 Waikato Management School’s Outstanding Teacher Award.

Professor Corner has been a member of the Academy of Management since 1987 and serves on the editorial review board of its pedagogy journal, Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE). In 2011 her reviewing for AMLE earned her a coveted outstanding reviewer award.  She has served as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the Research Methods Division and has reviewed for the Carolyn Dexter Awards. This is the Academy of Management's most prestigious award for international research. Her current contributions to the international academic community also include serving on the Editorial Review Board for Journal of Management & Organization. Additionally, she is an external member of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center of Massey University and has been a visitor at Arizona State University and Ecole de Management Bordeaux. Professor Corner joined the Faculty of Business at AUT University in May, 2004

Teaching Areas:

Expertise in Degree and Postgraduate Teaching

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Interests in Research Supervision

  • Entrepreneurship from the individual point of view
  • Strategic leaders in large and small organizations
  • Strategy process
  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Social Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship, Management Spirituality

Current Research Projects:

  • Social Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Dynamic Capabilities and Human Resources
  • Knowledge Creation Through Inner Self Exploration


Recent Refereed Publications:

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  3. Schaefer, K., Corner, P., Kearins, K. (2015).  Social, Environmental, and Sustainability Entrepreneurship Research: What is Needed for Sustainability-As-Flourishing? Organization & Environment, 28, 394-413. 
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