Dr Peter Gilderdale

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Senior Lecturer - Graphic Design

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 8017

Email: pgilderd@aut.ac.nz


PhD, Auckland University of Technology

MA (First Class Hons), University of Auckland.

Diploma in Teaching, Auckland Teachers College.

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts).
  • MDINZ (Professional Member of the Designers Institute of New Zealand). 

Teaching Areas:

Peter teaches across the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, focusing particularly on design history, theory and practice as well as calligraphy. He received AUT’s ‘distinguished teaching award’ in 2006.

Research Areas:

  • Edwardian postcards and greeting cards
  • Nineteenth century celebratory culture
  • History of emotions
  • The relationship of popular culture and business history
  • Letterform design and calligraphy.
  • The history of calligraphy, with particular emphasis on the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the development of the so-called ‘copperplate’ lettering.
  • Pen holds and the haptic – the way holding a pen or brush affects the resulting mark making.

Peter has twin research practices, one visual and one historical. He has degrees across several areas of history, with his research having developed from early interests in Ancient Egyptian art and Impressionism via the writing, design and use of letterforms to now reside principally in areas that relate to the design and usage of early twentieth century postcards. He has particularly focused on greetings postcards that were intended for use between emigrants and their families at ‘home.’ Peter has worked professionally as a calligrapher in Denmark and New Zealand, and his calligraphic work has been recognized internationally, being one of just six southern hemisphere lettering artists listed as amongst the 800 most significant contributors to the last 150 years of world letter arts in Paul Shaw’s A Chronology of the Lettering Arts from 1850 to 2000.


Selected publications

Gilderdale, P. "Cupid's Proxy: The Postcard and Love at a Distance." Paper presented at the AUT Popular Culture Research Centre Symposium, February 2016.

Gilderdale, P. "A Cuckoo in the Nest: History within Vocational Degrees." Paper presented at the New Zealand Historical Association Conference, Canterbury University, December 2015.

Gilderdale, P. "An Edwardian Language of Sentiment: Communicating Emotion through Greetings Postcards." Paper presented at the History of Emotions Conference, Victoria University, September 2015.

Gilderdale, P. "The First Facebook: Card Sending in New Zealand, 1880-1920." Paper given as part of the History@AUT public lecture series, July 2015.

Gilderdale, P. “Prints of Peace: Elihu Burritt and the Graphics of Reform.” In War and Peace, the Design History Society Conference, Oxford University, September 2014.

Gilderdale, P. “Hands Across the Sea: Postcards that Tamed the Migratory Divide.” In New Historical Perspectives on New Zealand and the Sea, Centre for Research on Colonial Culture, University of Otago, November 2013.

Gilderdale, P. “Hands Across the Sea: Situating an Edwardian Greeting Postcard Practice.” Doctoral Dissertation, Auckland University of Technology, 2013

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