Dr Komathi Kolandai-Matchett

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Research Officer

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 Ext 8164

Email: komathi.kolandai@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:
AUT (Room AR 429)
North Campus
90 Akoranga Drive
Northcote, Auckland
New Zealand

Postal Address:
North Campus
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


PhD Mass Communication
MSc. Environmental Science
BSc. (Hons.) Fishery Science
DipSc. Fisheries

Teaching Areas:

Guest lectures:
  • Programme evaluation methods at Auckland University of Technology
  • Gambling studies at Auckland Univeristy of Technology - (1) Problem Gambling: Public health perspectives; (2) Cultural considerations: Gambling, problem gambling, prevention & treatment; (3) Outcomes: Effective indicators for achieving planning goals; (4) Gambling and Politics.
  • Special topics - Media Communications (sustainability, environmental issues); Sustainable consumption; Advertising and consumerism at University of Canterbury and Lincoln University

Education and training in non-academic settings:
  • Outdoor environmental education
  • Environmental education training for teacher trainers and journalists

Research Areas:

Komie has over 15 years of research and evaluation experience across a number of fields including:
  • Gambling and addictions
  • Education / training
  • Mass media communications
  • Sustainability science
  • Spirituality and environmental behaviour
  • Agricultural sustainability
  • Aquatic science - aquaculture and marine biology
  • Fisheries policy / wetlands governance
Komie joined Auckland University of Technology’s (AUT) Gambling and Addictions Research Centre (GARC) in 2013.  Her role in managing research projects includes planning and implementing research and evaluations and seeing these through to completion.  She has also supervised gambling and addiction-related student research and delivered guest lectures at AUT on evaluation methods and for gambling studies.

Prior to her current focus on research, her previous positions with international NGOs and private tertiary education providers included staff management, lobbying and advocacy, media relations and communications, and advertising and marketing.


Kolandai-Matchett, K., Bellringer, M., Landon, J., & Abbott, M. (2017). A process evaluation of the ‘Aware’and ‘Supportive Communities’ gambling harm-minimisation programmes in New Zealand [Advance online publication]. The European Journal of Public Health.
doi: https://doi-org.ezproxy.aut.ac.nz/10.1093/eurpub/ckx120

Kolandai-Matchett, K., Langham, E., Bellringer, M., & Siitia, P. A. (2017). How gambling harms experienced by Pacific people in New Zealand amplify when they are culture-related. Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health, 7(5). doi:10.1186/s40405-017-0026-3

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Saunders C, Kaye-Blake, W., Campbell, R., Dalziel, P and Kolandai-Matchett, K. (2010) Capital Based Sustainability Indicators as a Possible Way for Measuring Agricultural Sustainability, ARGOS Research Report No. 10/02, Agriculture Research Group on Sustainability.

Kolandai-Matchett, K. (2009) Mediated Communication of ‘Sustainable Consumption’ in the Alternative Media: A Case Study Exploring a Message Framing Strategy. International Journal of Consumer Studies. 33, 113-125.

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Doctoral Research Award (BRCSS Network, NZ), 2007
Doctoral Scholarship Award (University of Canterbury, NZ), 2004
Fellowship Award for Environmental Studies (BFSD, Germany), 2004
Spirit of the Land Award 2002 (honouring leaders in environmental education)
The Swedish Malaysian Scholarship Award, 1998
NZODA Post Graduate Scholarship; 1998 (declined).