Bart Neuts

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Lecturer International Tourism Management

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 6692



  • Ph.D (Tourism), KU Leuven, Belgium
  • M.Sc. Tourism (Magna cum laude), KU Leuven, Belgium
  • M.Sc. Applied Economics (Cum laude), Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium.

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Editorial Member for International Journal of Tourism Cities, 2013 to present.


Bart graduated as a M.Sc. in Applied Economics, a M.Sc. in Tourism and a Ph.D. in Tourism with main areas of expertise in social carrying capacity studies, managing heritage sites, and tourist satisfaction research. He is also familiar with forecasting of tourism demand and return on investment analyses on private and public scale. Being primarily focused on quantitative research he is familiar with different statistical techniques.

Born and raised in Belgium, his working experience extends from academia to a semi-governmental research centre, while also having worked for the destination management organization of Flanders, Belgium as senior researcher in tourism economics. Linking profession to pleasure, Bart is also an avid traveller, being fortunate to spend long stretches of time in the Netherlands, China, Russia, and now New Zealand, apart from his native Belgium.

Teaching Areas:

Bart is Paper Co-ordinator in the following papers:

  • TOUR601 Tourism Heritage and Culture
  • TOUR704 Tourism Planning and Development
  • TOUR806 Contemporary Tourism Issues.

Research Areas:

  • Crowding and social carrying capacity
  • Tourist satisfaction
  • Destination loyalty
  • Marketing conversion
  • Market segmentation
  • Economic impact analysis.


Peer reviewed journals

  • Neuts, B. (Forthcoming). An econometric approach to crowding in touristic cities: evaluating the utility effect on local residents. Tourism Economics.
  • Romão, J., van Leeuwen, E., Neuts, B., Nijkamp, P. (2015). Tourist loyalty and urban e-services: a comparison of behavioural impacts in Leipzig and Amsterdam. Journal of Urban Technology, 22(2), 85-101.
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  • Romão, J., Neuts, B., Nijkamp, P., Shikida, A. (2014). Determinants of trip choice, satisfaction and loyalty in an eco-tourism destination: A modelling study on the Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan. Ecological Economics, 107, 195-205.
  • Neuts, B., Devos, T., Dirckx, T. (2014). Turning of the red lights: entrepreneurial urban strategies in ‘De Wallen’ Amsterdam. Applied Geography, 49, 37-44.
  • Neuts, B., Romão, J., van Leeuwen, E., Nijkamp, P. (2013). Describing the relationships between tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty in a segmented and digitalized market. Tourism Economics, 19(5), 987-1004.
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  • Neuts, B., Romão, J., Nijkamp, P., van Leeuwen, E. (2013). Digital destinations in the tourist sector: a path model for the impact of e-services on tourist expenditures in Amsterdam. Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 6(2), 71-80.
  • Neuts, B., Nijkamp, P. (2012). Tourist Crowding Perception and Acceptability in Cities: An Applied Modelling Study on Bruges. Annals of Tourism Research, 39(4), 2133-2153.
  • Neuts, B., Nijkamp, P., van Leeuwen, E. (2012). Crowding Externalities from Tourist Use of Urban Space. Tourism Economics, 18(3), 649-670.

Non-peer reviewed journals

  • Neuts, B., Romão, J., Nijkamp, P., Shikida, A. (2014). A Quality Assessment of Tourist Information: the Case of Nautical Tourism at Shiretoko Peninsula. Almatourism, 5(9), 24-34.
  • Bryon J., Neuts, B. (2009). Crowding en de toeristische belevingswaarde in een stedelijke omgeving: een structural equation modeling benadering. Vrijetijdstudies, 27(1), 23-38.

Book chapters

  • Neuts, B. (Forthcoming). Automatic interaction detection. In Jafari, J., Xiao, H. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Tourism. Berlin: Springer.
  • Neuts, B. (Forthcoming). Belgium, tourism. In Jafari, J., Xiao, H. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Tourism. Berlin: Springer.
  • Sahin, M., Todiras, A., Nijkamp, P., Neuts, B., Behrens, C. (2012). Migrant entrepreneurs and economic performance: a structural equation assessment model. In Capello, R., Dentinho, T. (Eds.), Globalization trends and its challenges for regional development (Chapt. 9). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Other publications and external reports

  • Neuts, B., Derre, L. (2011). Handleiding tot opmaak en berekening van de STeR-trendbarometers. Tourism Research Papers 37, Leuven: Flemish Centre for Tourism Policy Studies, KU Leuven.
  • Neuts, B., Nijkamp, P. (2011). Crowding Perception in a Tourist City: A Question of Preference. Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers, 140/3, 1-15.
  • Neuts, B. (2011). Evolutie van de toeristische vraagindex voor Vlaanderen: 2010. Tourism Research Papers 25, Leuven: Flemish Centre for Tourism Policy Studies, KU Leuven.
  • Neuts, B. (2011). Tweede verblijfstoerisme aan de Vlaamse Kust. Onderzoeksnota: analyse van twee methodologieën. Tourism Research Papers 23, Leuven: Flemish Centre for Tourism Policy Studies, KU Leuven.
  • Neuts, B. (2010). Methodologische ontwikkeling van een toeristische vraagindex. Tourism Research Papers 22, Leuven: Flemish Centre for Tourism Policy Studies, KU Leuven.

Conference presentations

  • 2014 Contemporary trends in tourism. Flanders Connection, Brussels (Belgium), December 1-2.
  • 2014 Social Media affecting Tour Operators' Customer Loyalty. Tourism Research and Management in a Rapidly Changing World, Heverlee (Belgium), September 15-16.
  • 2013 Show Me the Money! Economic Impact of Informal Tourism. Act Like a Local Conference, Brussels (Belgium), November 29-30.
  • 2012 The Carrying Capacity Conundrum and (Sm)Art Cities. ACEEPT, Thomas More, Mechelen (Belgium), November 20.
  • 2012 Multiplicities of the future? Entrepreneurial urban strategies and the commoditization of space. ERSA conference, Bratislava (Slovakia), August 21-25.
  • 2011 Space Invaders: Measuring The External Cost of Tourist Crowding in Amsterdam. NECTAR Cluster 1 workshop, Angra do Heroísmo (Portugal), September 16.
  • 2011 Urban commons. The future of our commons, Utrecht University, Utrecht (the Netherlands), May 16.
  • 2011 Creating a tourist demand index for Flanders. 4th Research Forum of the Interreg 2 Seas Project – SusTRIP, Kent (UK), May 12.
  • 2011 Consuming space: societal costs and benefits of tourist use of public space in an urban environment. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Seattle (USA), April 12-16.
  • 2011 Determining the External Societal Costs of Public Space Crowding: Life in a Tourist Ghetto. 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association of the Study of the Commons, Hyderabad (India), January 10-14.
  • 2010 Resource Use of Public Space in an Tourist City: the cost of crowding. Lancaster Sociology Summer Conference, Lancaster University (UK), June 28-29.
  • 2009 Resource Use of Public Space in an Urban Tourist Environment: Is tragedy inevitable? Understanding Places – An interdisciplinary PhD colloquium, University of Westminster (UK), July 6.
  • 2008 Crowding and the tourist experience in an urban environment: a structural equation modelling approach. Nederlands-Vlaamse Vrijetijdsstudiedag, Amsterdam (the Netherlands), October 30.


  • Flemish Tourism Board Award (2008), Best thesis M.Sc. Tourism: "De socio-demografische draagkracht van een toeristisch-stedelijke omgeving vanuit het perspectief van de toeristische belevingswaarde. Case study Brugge."