Dr Panteá Farvid

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Senior lecturer

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 xtn 7326

Email: pani.farvid@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:
Room 328
AUT University
North Shore Campus
90 Akoranga Drive
Northcote, Auckland
New Zealand

Postal Address:
Department of Psychology
AUT University
AUT North Shore Campus
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

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BA in Psychology (First Class Honours)
MA in Psychology (First Class Honours)
PhD in Psychology (Auckland)

Memberships and Affiliations:

Gender and Diversity Research Group AUT
Interdisciplinary Trauma Research Centre

Women on Campus AUT (member since 2015)
Psychology and Social Issues UOA (member since 2003)

Teaching Areas:

I coordinate and/or teach on the following papers:


  • 565604 Introduction to Psychology B
  • 566508 Social Psychology
  • 566605 Personality
  • 557302 Advanced Research


  • 589125 Integrative Research
  • 589124 Qualitative Research II

I teach in the following areas:

  • Social psychology
  • Critical psychology
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Feminist and Critical Methods in Research
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Research in Postgraduate Psychology

Ongoing Supervision

PhD Projects

  • “Infidelity? Cheating? Or a bit on the side?”: Examining Extra-Relational Sexual Involvement Among Heterosexuals
  • Using the Internet to prevent HIV/AIDS among young men who have sex with men in  Bali, Indonesia
  • The burden of Tuberculosis among Sub-Saharan Africans living in Auckland: The role of individual, social, economic and structural factors
  • The social construction of “hijra” in contemporary Bangladesh
  • Developing an mindfulness app to aid recovery in porn addiction
  • The impact of smartphone technoference on intimate relationships
  • Bisexual women’s intimate lives

Masters Projects:

  • You can look but you can’t touch: Exploring women’s webcam sex work in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Women’s experiences of sexual coercion within marriage in Kampong Speu, Cambodia
  • NZ Muslim women’s experiences of domestic violence and help seeking.

Completed supervision

Masters Projects:

  • Young heterosexual women’s experiences of using the dating app Tinder in NZ
  • Clients’ Experience of Therapy with Intern Counselling Psychologists
  • Teen girls daily engagement with media: Implications for identity construction and well-being
  • BDSM and therapy: experiences of BDSM and the therapeutic relationship

Honours Dissertation Projects:

  • Young bisexual women’s experiences of using Tinder in Auckland, NZ
  • Chiropractic practitioners and quality of life assessments.A Systematised Literature Review of the Needs and Issues Facing Middle Eastern Muslim Youth in English Speaking Western Countries
  • The representation of ‘casual sex’ in historic textual media
  • Millennials psychological reaction to human made environmental change
  • “A recipe for ‘techno-utopian feminism’?” or “like grand theft auto for your hormones?”: Online media representations of women, mobile dating apps and casual sex
  • Visual analysis of Tumblr images posted by teenage girls in NZ
  • Teen girls’ engagement with Tumblr: Patters of meaning making and Identity construction
  • Developing a Cultural Literacy Programme for young New Zealanders: Critical thinking as a tool for promoting health and wellbeing among adolescents
  • A critical textual analysis of Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy
  • Desperately Seeking Sugar Baby: Critically Examining the Phenomena of Online ‘Sugar Dating’
  • “It's like conventional dating on steroids”: Heterosexual women’s experiences of online dating
  • “Widening the net”: Heterosexual men’s experiences of online dating
  • Heterosexual women’s responses to reading 50 Shades of Grey
  • Indian international students’ experiences in New Zealand
  • Constructing the ‘Bludger’: A critical discourse analysis of welfare reform in New Zealand Parliamentary Discourse
  • The effect of the September 2010 Christchurch earthquake on residents: An analysis of open-ended written responses
  • The media’s representation of crime: A qualitative thematic analysis of New Zealand print media

Undergraduate supervision:

  • A literature review of Media Literacy Programmes in the West
  • A systematic review of casual sex literature
  • A literature review on Iranian women and codes of gender and sexuality

Research Areas:

My research interests include examining the intersection of gender, sexuality, power, culture, technology and identity. Most of my work is orientated towards social justice and social change, specifically focused on promoting egalitarianism within heterosexuality. I have worked on projects examining heterosexual casual sex, contemporary heterosexualities, the New Zealand sex industry, men who buy sex, and technologically mediated intimacies via Tinder, online dating and sugar dating. I have also developed a youth development programme, oriented towards gender equality, in low income areas of Auckland.

A key interest of mine is also gender equality within the Middle-East. My research seeks to challenge the power disparities and gender binaries associated with heterosexuality, and to draw attention to the many drawbacks of normalised heteronormativity. Such work seeks to identify the often hidden forms of contemporary inequality, with a view to change such power relations through individual, social or policy interventions.

I typically use qualitative research methodologies including a variety of discursive approaches and extend these analyses using quantitative methods. When it comes to most topics, I have an analytic interest in both the personal narratives of individuals, as well as the critical analysis of popular culture/media representations related to these, followed by large scale surveys that can collect meaningful statistics on such topics.

Current Research Projects:

  • Love the one you're near?: Tinder, technologically mediated intimacies, and mobile "dating app" use
  • The New Zealand Sex Industry (sex work in a decriminalised context)
  • Youth Empowerment Aotearoa (positive youth development programme for kiwi teens)
  • Muslim women’s experiences of domestic violence
  • Best practice gender policy for Aotearoa New Zealand


Farvid, P. (forthcoming, 2018). The Psychology of Heterosexuality. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Farvid, P. & Braun, V. (in preparation). Glossary of the language of sexuality, in K. Hall & R. Barrett, The Oxford Handbook of Language and Sexuality.

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Farvid, P. (in press). Primary prevention strategies for addressing gender inequality in Aoteaora/New Zealand: The need for gender equality education and better media literacy in schooling.  In G. Tibe Bonifacio (Ed), Gender and Feminism in the 21st Century: Canada and Beyond.

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Retrieved from http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13178-012-0089-y

Farvid, P.
(2012). The historic emergence of heterosexual casual sex. In R. Scherman, C. Krageloh, & S. Nayar (Eds.), Full peer-reviewed article in Walking the Talk: AUT School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies. Auckland: AUT University. Farvid, P. & Rowney, C. (2012). Un/doing ‘covert’ field-work in the New Zealand Sex Industry. Walking the Talk: The 2012 Collection of Oral Presentations from the AUT School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies.

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Conference Presentations (from 2013)

Pond, T. & Farvid, P. (2016). “I do like women!”: Young bisexual women’s experiences of using Tinder in Auckland, NZ. Women’s Studies Association Conference. Auckland, NZ.

Farvid, P. (2015). Constructing the “good punter”:  Men, masculinity and buying sex in New Zealand. The 5th New Zealand Discourse Conference, Auckland, NZ. 

Farvid, P. (2015). Can’t buy me love?: The role of intimacy in accounts of men who buy sex in New Zealand. The New Zealand Psychological Society Annual Conference. Hamilton, New Zealand.

Payam, S., Farvid, P. & Payne, D. (2015). The downsides of the “fling” experience: Psychological distress in accounts of heterosexual men and women who have engaged in extra-relational sexual involvement. The New Zealand Psychological Society Annual Conference. Hamilton, New Zealand.

Asher, K. & Farvid, P. (2015).  Examining the intersection of technology, identity and intimacy: Young heterosexual women’s experiences of using “Tinder”. The New Zealand Psychological Society Annual Conference. Hamilton, New Zealand.

Farvid, P. (2015).  “Youth Empowerment Aotearoa”: Empowering youth through a collaborative, community-based, critical literacy program. The Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Social Action. Boston, USA.

Farvid, P. (2015). Doing community psychology amidst the “triple revolution”: Addressing contemporary issues facing technologically savvy youth. The Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Social Action. Boston, USA.

Farvid, P. (2015).  Developing “Youth Empowerment Aotearoa”: Critical reflections on the process, barriers and successes of developing a collaborative, community-based, positive youth development program. The Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Social Action. Boston, USA.

Farvid, P. (2013). “I don’t really think there’s anything wrong [with it], but I don’t know if it’d be for me” A discursive examination of identity trouble in men’s and women’s talk about heterosexual casual sex. In The 4th New Zealand Discourse Conference (NZDC4). Auckland, New Zealand.

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Farvid, P. (2013). Empowering youth through ‘Cultural Literacy’: A primary prevention and wellness promotion tool. In E. Aldarondo (Ed.), The Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Social Action. Miami, USA

Talks/Pubic Lectures (since 2013)

Farvid, P. (2016). Saying goodbye to binary gender. TEDx Auckland, Auckland NZ.

Farvid, P. (2016). Hooked on Hooking up – the historic emergence of heterosexual casual sex. AUT, Auckland, NZ.

Farvid, P. (2016). Gender, Sexuality and Fluid Embodiment. Forethought, Auckland, NZ.

Farvid, P. (2016). The adaption of Misogyny to ‘New Media’: Examining the Online Harassment of Women. Auckland Women’s Centre Forum, Auckland, NZ.

Farvid, P. (2016). “Love me Tinder?”: Examining Technologically Mediated Intimacies in the era of ‘Dating Apps’. Psychology Colloquium, Department of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, NZ.

Farvid. P. (2015). Mediated intimacies and the re/fashioning of contemporary heterogender. AUTs Gender and Diversity Research Group Seminar: Sexualities. AUT University. Auckland, NZ.

Farvid, P. (2013). Space, Gender & Safety: Uneven access & Contradictory Discourses. UN-Habitat Session on Gender and Safety held at The School of Architecture and Planning, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

Farvid, P. (2013). (Overcoming) Barriers for Women’s Advancement in Public Life. International Women’s Day presentation held at The School of Architecture and Planning, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

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