David Wilson

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Director I2C2, Programme Leader - Engineering Masters Studies

Phone: 921 9999 Extn 8732

Email: diwilson@aut.ac.nz

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School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
WZ Building
34 St Paul Street
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School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Private Bag 92006
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David Wilson is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering at Auckland University of Technology. Prior to joining AUT he was on the faculty at Karlstad University in Sweden following a position at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland.

His main research interests are modelling, simulation and control of industrial processes. Currently he is a director of the research-based Industrial Information and Control Centre (I2C2) where he manages multi-faceted research projects for international clients such as PETRONAS in Malaysia, and large New Zealand companies such as Transpower and Fonterra. He is also a founding director of Inverse Problem Ltd which is a start-up company developing and marketing small high-performance embedded controllers. This company recently won the inaugural AUT Enterprises Innovation Challenge for 2012.

David originally graduated from the Chemical Engineering department at Auckland, but then following an interest in automatic control, drifted sideways into electrical engineering areas of activity such as developing embedded controllers, and simple robust auto-tuners to be used by people with little or no instrumentation background. David has also worked in the pulp and paper industry in Sweden where he supervised a number of modelling and control projects for Stora-Enso board machines, Kamyr digesters, and CMC production. All of these projects were substantial that delivered both tangible operating benefits, and developed new academic control algorithms. Not all the projects are process industry based. For example closer to home, David has worked on the optimal management of squid fishing with the Ministry of Fisheries, and fresh water ecosystems around pulp mills, and developing models and asset management strategies for electrical distribution.

From a control theoretic viewpoint, David has an interest in robust auto-tuners and model-predictive control. From a practical view, David likes to apply system engineering techniques, to build models that can be used for better control systems, to deliver a better product at less cost.