Dr Matthew Kuo


Phone: 09 921 9999 ext 5962

Email: Matthew.kuo@aut.ac.nz


PhD (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), University of Auckland
Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (First Class Honours), University of Auckland

Research Areas:

Industrial automation
Embedded Systems
Precision timed systems


Published Books

  1. M. M. Y. Kuo and P.S. Roop, Book chapter titled: “New Design Patterns for Time-Predictable Execution of Function Blocks” in “Distributed Control Applications: Guidelines, Design Patterns, and Application Examples with the IEC 61499”, CRC Press, 2016.
  2. L. H. Yoong, P. S. Roop, Z. E. Bhatti and M. M. Y. Kuo, “Model-Driven Design Using IEC 61499 A Synchronous Approach for Embedded and Automation Systems”, Springer International Publishing, 2015. (5611 downloads)

Published Journal

  1. R. Sinha, P. S. Roop, G. Shaw, Z. Salcic and M. M. Y. Kuo, “Hierarchical and Concurrent ECCs for IEC 61499 Function Blocks.” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (TII), Feb, 2016.

Published papers

  1. H. A. Pearce, M. M. Y. Kuo, N. Allen, P. S. Roop and A. Malik. “Simulation of Cyber-physical Systems Using IEC61499” Proceedings of the 15th ACM-IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for System Design 2017.
  2. H. A. Pearce, M. M. Y. Kuo, P. S. Roop and M. Biglari-Abhari, “RunSync: A Predictable Runtime for Precision Timed Automation Systems.” IEEE 19th International Symposium on Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC), 2016.
  3. M. Hikmet, M. M. Y. Kuo, P. S. Roop and P. Ranjitkar, "Mixed-Criticality Systems as a Service for Non-critical Tasks," 2016 IEEE 19th International Symposium on Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC), 2016,
  4. M. M. Y. Kuo, S. Andalam and P. S. Roop, “Precision timed industrial automation systems.”, Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Design, Automation & Test in Europe, Mar, 2016.
  5. E. Yip, M. M. Y. Kuo, P. S. Roop and D. Broman, “Relaxing the Synchronous Approach for Mixed-Criticality Systems”, 12th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS), April, 2014.
  6. M. M. Y. Kuo, P. S. Roop, S. Andalam and N. Patel, “Precision Timed Embedded Systems Using TickPAD Memory”, Application of Concurrency to System Design (ACSD), July, 2013.
  7. M. M. Y. Kuo, R. Sinha and P. S. Roop, “Efficient WCRT Analysis of Synchronous Programs using Reachability", Design Automation Conference (DAC), June, 2011.
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