Nenad Popovich

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Senior Lecturer

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 8759


Physical Address:
AUT University
WZ Building, Level 4
34 St Paul Street
Auckland Central

Postal Address:
Auckland University of Technology
School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142


  • M.Sc. Eng., University of Zagreb, Croatia.
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Eng., Major in Automatic Control, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Teaching Areas:

Bachelor of Engineering:

  • 736002 Electrical Technology (Control)
  • 737433 Control Systems
  • 738020 Advanced Control Systems

Bachelor Of Engineering Technology:

  • 735922 Industrial Measurement and Control
  • 735923 PLC Applications A

Diploma in Electrotechnology:

  • 735915 Control Systems

Research Areas:

  • Control systems engineering
  • Digital control of dynamic systems
  • Optimal and adaptive control systems
  • Modeling and simulation of control systems


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Popovich, N.; Kabir, S. “Controller Fine Tuning of a Human Brachial Artery System Prototype (Static Model)”, paper has been accepted for the Proceeding of 2011 IEEE Power Engineering and Automation Conference, PEAM 2011, 8-9 September, 2011, Wuhan, China.

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