Dr Clinton Watkins

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Programme Leader


Dr Clinton Watkins is an artist and lecturer at Colab working in areas of experimental time-based media and installation.

He holds a masters degree and a doctorate of Fine Arts  from the University of Auckland and a Diploma in Audio Engineering from the  School of Audio Engineering  in  Auckland.

Clinton’s work investigates affect through the construction of  immersive experiences using sound, colour and scale, by focussing on the characteristics, structures, phenomena, and processing of sonic and visual material. His installations incorporate found and custom-made audio and video hardware to create repetition, distortion, duration and form, distilled via a minimalist sensibility. He has exhibited in solo and curated group exhibitions throughout New Zealand, Australia and Europe, and is represented by Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland.

Teaching Areas:

  • Experimental time-based media / Installation

Research Areas:

  • Video and Sound Installation Art
  • Experimental Electronic Video/Sound Production/Performance
  • Electronic Video/Sound Hardware & Software

Recent Exhibitions:

  • Watkins, C. (2013) Frequency Colour. StarkWhite Gallery, Auckland. 25 July – 16 August 2013.

Selected Publications about Clinton’s work: