Professor Frances Joseph

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Director of Colab, Director of the Textile and Design Laboratory (TDL), and an associate researcher at the Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI)


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In 2006 Frances co-authored and led the successful GIPI grant application to establish the TDL and has directed its strategic and research development over the past six years. In 2008 she was the lead author of the successful ESI grant to establish Colab. Through these two entities she has helped build new areas of research within the University, mentoring  staff in becoming active researchers, initiating and gaining funding for a number of collaborative project teams, supervising postgraduate students  and developing industry partnerships.

Teaching Areas:

  • Postgraduate supervision
  • Research Methodology
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

Research Areas:

  • Aesthetics of interactivity
  • E-textiles, making
  • Research methodology, transdiciplinarity
  • Innovation through design and new technologies, creative entreprenership


  • Joseph, F. (2013). Collaborative Making: Developing expressive e-textiles for dance. Studies in Material Thinking, Vol 9, 2013
  • Joseph, F. Hugain-Lacire N, Ziegler V. (2012). Digital Art Live: Exploring the Aesthetics of Interactivity. Journal of Creative Technologies, Vol.3
  • Joseph, F. (2012). Economies of Interaction. In Pioneering Minds; On the Entrepreneurial Principles of the Cultural and Creative Industries. Editors: Hagoort A, Thomassen A, Kooyman R. 134-137. Eburon Delft and Chicago University Press, Delft and Chicago. 2012